The Craft of Beer Brewing

Handout – Home Brewing

You like to drink it! You know you want to make it! Want to learn the quick basics of brewing beer? Patti Smith will present a quick overview of everything you will need to brew your own delicious beer, including basic information on supplies, procedure and homebrew clubs. Relax. Don’t worry. Have a homebrew.

Patti Smith

Until the age of 32, Patti Smith did not like to drink beer.  And then she discovered the world of craft beer & homebrewing. Homebrewing is an ancient craft that is making a huge resurgence in our country and state!  The beer you make will NOT be like the mass produced swill that is, as they say, like making love in a canoe….


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3 responses to “The Craft of Beer Brewing

  1. Thanks for the nice write up 🙂 Looking forward to this!

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  3. Hi Patti,
    Its good to know someone beat me to the punch ( or is it the beer?) Are you offering a class or will you be at the reskilling fest in this weekend, or both? Let me know, I can help. I’m versed in the brewing arts, and I live not too far from Rudolph Steiner. Currently I’m on “the bad list” at AABG, but over time since the early 90’s I have spent several years on the Good List too.
    Shout if I can help.
    Chris Fraleigh

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