Taking Charge of Your Healthy Lifestyle

Handout – Taking Charge of Your Healthy Lifestyle – Vision Worksheet

Handout – Taking Charge of You Healthy Lifestyle – Goal Worksheet

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that preventable lifestyle-related illnesses account for 70%-90% of all healthcare costs! Costs related to advanced technology diagnostic tools, complex synthetic pharmaceuticals, a massive waste stream spurred by sterile and disposable medical equipment and other high energy products and technologies. Truly – implementing a healthy lifestyle is a cornerstone of embracing low-energy living, and a skill that will enrich your life.

During this session you will form a vision for what a healthy lifestyle would look like for you. At your best, what would you be doing, how would you be feeling, and how would your lifestyle be supporting key elements of your health and happiness and prosperity? With this vision in place we will consider how you might achieve it with joy. You will come away ideas for how to use your personal strengths to create a healthy lifestyle uniquely suited to you, one achievable step at a time.

Participants will walk away with the following abilities:

  • to connect their life-style goals with their deepest and most meaningful values
  • to prioritize and implement goals
  • to make plans that are meaningful and achievable
  • to brainstorm effectively
  • to look to their strengths and supports

Deb Rhizal, Wellcoaches Inc

Deb Rhizal is a certified wellness coach.  Her healthy lifestyle includes kayaking the beautiful rivers and eating from local organic farms.  Go re-skilling! Deb gets excited about anyone helping to keep these options alive and make them more accessible to all people. Deb is a wellness coach because she believes that energy and freedom from illness and pain enable us to be at our best. Seeing strengths, beauty, and possibility in each person comes as a natural gift for her.  She loves helping people believe in themselves, and reach for the life in which they find meaning and most truly enjoy.

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