Tales From the Underground: Cheap and Easy Indoor Worm Composting

Handout – Setting Up Your Worm Bin

Come one, come all! Take this opportunity to learn how to start your very own indoor worm compost bin!

Skeptic – Ew won’t that stink?  What about methane and other gases?

Jerry (that’s me) – Heck no it won’t stink, just don’t let it get too soggy, and the worms breathe just like we do, no methane produced

Skeptic – What good is it anyway?

Jerry – They will take your unwanted scraps and turn it into awesome dark compost

Skeptic – What do the worms eat?

Jerry – Paper, veggies, fruits, leaves, and lots of stuff you would throw out anyway

Skeptic – Is it expensive to set up?

Jerry – Nope, the ReUse Center usually has old coolers on hand (mine was only $5). The worms are the most expensive part, but they reproduce fast, I could just give you a bunch of mine. The dirt can come from a plant that’s failed or from outside, and then all you need is water.

Skeptic turned Supporter – Wow great where can I learn more

Jerry – Come on down to the ReSkilling Festival on February 4th!

Stop by this drop-in session to learn to set up your own indoor worm composting bin, and how to maintain it, along with tips and tricks to make caring for your new pets easier and more effective.

Other benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Learn about worms – find out what they like to eat and don’t
  • It’s a fun project for kids – paint the cooler or build your own for a sleek look
  • Recycle 100% of your paper scraps – junk mail included
  • Lots of great compost (worm infused) for your spring and summer gardens
  • Hide your indoor planting disasters!

Jerry Tyrrell

Jerry – I’m a student at UM’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment, studying conservation ecology, and always looking for ways to lighten my footsteps as I plod into the future. I am especially interested in small creative solutions that even a college student in a dorm or apartment can implement. I was raised in Milan, MI just south of Ann Arbor and got my bachelor’s degree in biology from Eastern Michigan University in 2011.

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