Composting With Ease

Handout – Compost Cookery

Handout – Home Compost Recipe

Handout – Wooden Pallet Bins

Handout – Setting Up A Worm Bin

Handout – City of AA Worm Composting Class 2012

Handout – Master Composter Class 2012

Come and learn how easily a city dweller can turn their vegetative food scraps into gold. Composting is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Outdoor and worm bin composting will be discussed. Interested individuals will learn how easy and inexpensive it is to set up their very own outdoor and indoor bins. Many resources will be shared with attendees.

Lisa Perschke, Washtenaw County Consortium of Solid Waste Management

I am an Advance Master Gardener and Advance Master Composter for over 5 years. I teach worm bin and outdoor composting through Ann Arbor Schools Rec and Ed Department. I teach gardening skills without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, utilizing compost for nutrient replenishment. I work at Recycle Ann Arbor as a Recycling Program Specialist so I teach about recycling, reusing and reducing waste for maximum waste reduction.

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One response to “Composting With Ease

  1. Gina Adams-Levy

    Would love to attend but have a conflict. Will you be conducting any other workshops in the near future?

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