Singing in Circle

Handout – Chants and Rounds 2012

Singing two-part, three-part or four-part rounds is great fun for adults and kids. We’ll sing rounds both familiar and obscure, silly and profound, for all experience levels.  Those who are new to singing with others will hone their ability to hold their vocal part and blend with other voices.  For more seasoned singers, it’s an opportunity to share the simple pleasure of singing in community.

Jeanne Mackey

A believer in the healing power of song, Jeanne Mackey has been making music most of her life. She recently created “Drop the Knife: A Memoir-in-Song”–original stories and songs on the occasion of turning 60–which she’ll perform on 4/21 at Washtenaw Community College with Laz Slomovits, Lori Fithian, & Eric Fithian.

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