The Work That Reconnects (practices of Joanna Macy)

All of us are impacted by the “long emergency” as we face the challenges of finite natural resources, economic instability, and climate change. How can we live with this awareness without feeling overwhelmed? How can we find resilience and courage? In this session, we will share what is in our hearts about the state of our planet in simple paired conversations. After a brief introduction to Joanna Macy’s “work that reconnects,”  we’ll explore ways to overcome psychic numbing and release energy for creative action.

Laura Smith & Jeanne Mackey

Jeanne is a former psychotherapist who has led workshops on “Nature as Teacher” and “Close to the Earth.”  Her experience in applied ecopsychology includes two 4-day vision fasts in the Eastern Sierras.

Laura is a commercial interior designer, novice gardener, and generally concerned citizen. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Architecture and Environmental Psychology at the University of Michigan.

Here’s a summary of Joanna’s work in this realm:

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