Winter Bike Commuting: The Basics

Commuting by bicycle in the winter can be daunting to the uninitiated, so we’re here to provide initiation! Common Cycle will have a panel discussion focusing on the specifics of riding bikes through snow, sleet, and ice and lots of opportunities to ask questions. Come learn about winter biking safety, check out studded tires for riding through snow, and learn our strategies for combating the cold. Our presenters are all avid winter commuters that enjoy sharing their love of bikes via Common Cycle’s workshops, mobile repair stand, and events like the Reskilling festival.  Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of basic winter biking safety
  • Knowledge about winter biking gear and strategies for managing the cold
  • The motivation to try winter bike commuting.

Molly Kleinman and Sandy Bledsoe, Common Cycle

We’re all avid bicycle commuters who have been helping with Common Cycle in some capacity over the last two years. When not riding their bikes through snow or teaching people how to fix bikes, Sandy makes coffee, and Molly makes information.

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