Eating Local in the Winter!

A lot of people think that you can’t eat fresh local foods in the winter, but we in the Ann Arbor area are lucky to have wonderful local farmers and a year round farmer’s market! I’d like to share a few of my favorite dishes using fresh local ingredients, and offer ideas for how to use other foods commonly seen at the market in the wintertime.  Participants will gain the ability to think more creatively about food and incorporate more local into their meals! Also learn some quick recipes that work on almost any kind of vegetable, and that can be modified according to taste or flavor profile. Samples will be available, all of them veggie-friendly!

This session has a recommended $5 donation.

Anat Belasen, University of Michigan SNRE

I’m a Master’s student focusing on Conservation Ecology at U of M. My thesis focuses on conservation issues in island lizards off the coast of Greece.. but few know that I am secretly a vegetarian foodie! I began watching the Food Network at the young age of 9, and became a vegetarian at age 11. Because my options were limited to eating the pasta *without* the meat, I started exploring tofu, tempeh, and other vegetarian delights by the time I reached middle school, and have been experimenting with food and spices from around the world ever since. Most recently I have learning some Israeli, Greek, and Chinese techniques (very different, but very tasty!) and have been incorporating this into my daily meals. I’ve also lived in New Orleans, so I tend to err on the side of flavorful. That said, I’m looking forward to share my ideas with y’all!

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