Why Birth Matters To All Of Us

Handout – Why Birth Matters to All of Us

The experience of birth has changed dramatically in the last few generations. How will this affect our communities and world?  Why does one person’s birth affect the ‘rest of us?’   Join in a fascinating journey as we explore the powerful world of birth practices & locations, bringing new insights to those both approaching parenthood for the first time and those supporting the next generation of growing families. Participants will gain insight as to how everyone’s behavior around birth, from by-stander comments to birthing choices, affect both individuals and the greater community.  Skills gained will include how to be actively supportive of healthy birth choices & how to find/share resources for the same.

Beth Bailey Barbeau, The Indigo Forest

Beth Bailey Barbeau, traditional midwife, has been in love with birth and babies for over 30 years. In addition to founding Indigo Forest, she is also an instructor at the Naturopathic Institute of Mt. Pleasant, MI in their Certified Holistic Labor Companion Program

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