Water Conservation With Olla Irrigation

Source: globalbuckets.org

Handout – Parts and Sources for Olla Irrigation

Subsurface garden watering by means of unglazed clay pots has been used for thousands of years by a number of civilizations to conserve water. This session will show how to construct “ollas” (Spanish for “pots”) out of common terra cotta clay pots, and build a gravity-fed irrigation system which can greatly reduce the amount of water and watering labor used in the garden. Participants will learn how to construct olla watering capsules out of clay pots and silicone caulk and how to develop a gravity fed watering system which can be supplied via city, well, or rain water.

Tom Bowes

Tom Bowes is an organic gardener, trained permaculturist, and energy educator who lives in Warren, Michigan. He has developed training courses for electrical professionals in photovoltaic system design and electric vehicle charging station installation. He has taught technical classes nationally for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and is a skilled fabricator who often repurposes odd electrical items for garden use.

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  1. Tom Bowes

    In response to a few requests for more information regarding my olla irrigation project, I’ve posted an article which explains the system and some of the things which I’ve learned. The article can be found here:


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