Mission Zero: Lessons from America’s Oldest Net Zero Home

Named one of USA Today’s Seven Best Green Houses of 2010, the Mission Zero House is America’s oldest and Michigan’s first net-zero energy home – meaning the home produces more than its owners consume. We were inspired by the challenge of Ray Anderson, the founder and chairman ofInterface, Inc.. and MissionZero.org, to create a society with zero environmental footprint.  We are now fulfilling our family’s goal to restore a home that creates its own energy, creates zero waste and will be a restorative part of our community.

Matt Grocoff

Matt Grocoff, Esq., LEED has been called one of “Greater Detroit’s most progressive personalities.” He is the founder of Thrive (a net zero consulting collaborative), a net-zero energy consultant, lecturer and one of the most respected advocates and authorities on retrofitting the existing housing stock.  He is host of Greenovation.TV, a contributor to the Environment Report on public radio, blogger for The Sustainable Design Update and the green renovation expert for Old House Web.  Matt has a Mission Zero goal to eliminate the negative environmental impact of every home in America. 

His home was selected as one of USA Today’s “Best Green Homes of 2010”. It is America’s oldest and Michigan’s first net-zero energy home, meaning it annually produces more energy than his family consumes. He has been featured in the pages and on the airwaves of USA TODAY, Washington Post, The Atlantic, Detroit Free Press, Miami Herald, Preservation Magazine, Travel Girl Magazine, Photon International, Solar Today, Hour Magazine, Fox Business News, Public Radio, NBC4, ABC7, Paul W. Smith Show, Chris Holman Business Hour, and hundre
ds of online magazines including The Huffington Post and TreeHugger.
Check out my websites: www.missionzerohouse.com & www.greenovation.TV

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