Welcome to HourSchool!


Howdy, my name is Alex and I’m one of the co-founders of HourSchool. HourSchool is an online platform for people to self organize small informal peer-led classes. We’re based in Austin, TX, but I’m originally from Ann Arbor and I’d love to get the HourSchool platform going in the Ann Arbor community.

I will talk about how and why we started HourSchool, and about why I believe that everyone has knowledge to share… because it’s not always the experts who make the best teachers, it’s the people you know.

Alex Pappas, Hourschool

I’m a Co-Founder of HourSchool, an occasional Toy Designer, a lover of bikes, sandwiches, and learning… I’m a big fan of all things that wear in, not out. Mostly because you find those things in the hands of very interesting people.

I come from the Zip-Tie Hose-Clamp side of things… anything to keep it on the road.


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