Future of the Festival

Organizers of the 2012 ReSkilling Festival (plus Barbara Lucas not pictured)

Future of the Festival

We are currently at a crossroads with the festival.  Rebecca and Laura, who have been co-chairing the event, need to simultaneously step away from the work after the July 2012 event. Fortunately, there are other organizers interested in continuing the work, but of this group no one feels that they can chair the festival.  This leaves us wondering who will continue the work, and in what form.

At the upcoming festival, our hope is to spread this news, and start an important conversation about the future of the festival.  To this end, you will find at the festival:

  • A hosted “Future of the Festival” conversation at 4-5pm in the commons where we will share some ideas about forms the festival can take, and hopefully leave with an email list of people who would seriously consider getting involved in festival planning. Lemonade and homemade cookies will be served.
  • An interactive 2-D tree where attendees can express their desires about the future directions of the festival.

If you are curious or passionate about the ReSkilling movement in Ann Arbor, we hope that you will participate!  This conversation is open and we welcome any interested community member.

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