Transform Your Yard Into a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat

nwf signThe National Wildlife Federation (NWF) sponsors a program to certify your yard as designated wildlife habitat—complete with an official sign! Participants in this session will learn the simple step-by-step process to becoming certified, with a focus on creating quality urban wildlife habitat in Southeast Michigan. Whether you rent a tiny apartment with a balcony, own a suburban home in downtown Ann Arbor or a 100-acre farm in Lodi Township, you can establish an attractive sanctuary for wild creatures. By providing water, secure cover, food, and a place to raise young your NWF certified yard will aid wildlife by restoring habitat in commercial and residential landscapes.

Participants will come away with:

* Knowledge of the National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat® certification process
* An overview of the components of quality wildlife habitat in Southeast Michigan
* Links to local habitat restoration resources such as native plants, organic fertilizers, water features, food etc…
* A personalized plan for getting their property certified

Mary Mathias

Mary Mathias1-thumb-175x226-129592-thumb-175x226-129593

Mary Mathias is a native Ann Arborite with a lifelong passion for wildlife and conservation. She works as a Media Outreach Coordinator for the Washtenaw County Division of Environmental Health, producing content for the “Issues of the Environment” radio program on local NPR affiliate WEMU 89.1FM and reporting on environmental topics for Her interests include marine science, birding, wildlife photography, watercolor painting, hosting parties, charitable fundraising, and spending time exploring the outdoors with her nieces and dog.

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