Childcare at the Festival

This winter we will once again offer our childcare co-op at the ReSkilling Festival on February 10! Having young children  can make it difficult to attend all the sessions you might want to, and we hope this might make it a little easier.

We are planning for this childcare co-op to be:
  •  Run by parents attending the festival partnered with other skilled volunteers,
  •  Filled with child-focused reskilling sessions, along with other activities throughout the day (it will break during lunch),
  • Geared toward children of all ages,
  • A grand success with your help!

If you would like to have your child(ren) involved in the co-op, we ask you to volunteer some of your time and skills, as well! We already have some volunteers who are willing to present kid’s workshops. What activity might you like to bring?!

If you are interested in being involved (whether you are a parent or not!) or want more information, please fill out this form to indicate your interest. Please remember that spaces will be limited, so if you do not pre-register your child(ren), there may not be space for them the day of the festival.

Thanks to Edith Estey for volunteering to coordinate this effort! Edie has been involved in several childcare cooperatives, and has worked with children for over 18 years, including having 3 children of her own. If you are interested in helping with this effort, Edie will be the one to contact you!

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