Animal Hide Tanning

TanningLearn how to take an animal hide through all stages of preparation – from skinning, to scraping, to softening and smoking – to make it into soft cloth that can be made into clothing or other useful items. You are welcome to participate or just observe. All ages welcome!


Rowena Conahan and Mary Alana Crouch – Ann Arbor Nature School

Rowena ConahanRowena Conahan is a certified Montessori teacher and professional storyteller.  She has attended Tom Brown’s Tracker School in New Jersey, and Wilderness Awareness School’s Art of Mentoring class and Kamana Naturalist Training program.  During the last several years, Rowena has helped to found Nature Learning Community, and taught nature connection and primitive skills classes.  She leads edible and medicinal plant walks through the Washtenaw County Park System and Naturopathic School of the Healing Arts.  She also hosts free Family Fun Days at a primate shelter for people of all ages to practice skills around a campfire and enjoy nature together (for more information, go to

Mary CrouchMary Alana Crouch, a student of the Tracker School, is an avid forager of wild edibles and medicinal herbs. For the past twelve years she has been practicing the art of traditional tanning; working with deer hides, numerous species of furbearing animals, as well as birds, reptiles and fish.

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  1. Jennifer Wright

    I’m not able to make this weekend but wondering if there will be other opportunities to learn hide tanning. Thanks!

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