Injury Prevention and Aid

Red-CrossIn this session, Ryan Lipinski will teach you first aid skills to treat basic injuries such as splinting, slings, bandaging, controlling bleeding, and making liters. Additionally, he will discuss ways to prevent/reduce muscle injuries by performing warm-up exercise and certain types of stretches before and after strenuous activities.

Ryan Lipinski

Ryan Lipinski has over twelve years of experience in the emergency medical field, and currently holds over twenty certifications in emergency response and care. He was a Combat Medic in the Army and an EMT for several years.  Currently, he is a retired disabled Army Veteran and Wilderness First Responder.  He is also a Red Cross instructor for all levels of CPR and First Aid and teaches a few emergency response courses as well.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education with a minor in EMS. Ryan is an avid backcountry hiker/camper/backpacker and has experienced firsthand the needs for self-reliance in first aid skills and prevention.


Basic First Aid Supplies List

First Aid Presentation

Suggested Books

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  1. Ryan Lipinski

    I hope everyone enjoyed my presentation. I look forward to doing this again.

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