Meditation Technique

Hindu goddess Lakshmi standing on a lotusIn the first part of this two-part session, Kapila Castoldi will introduce you to a particular breathing technique based on the ancient Indian tradition. This technique is aimed at inducing relaxation at the physical, mental and emotional level.  In part two, you will learn a concentration technique using a flower. This powerful technique will help you to get rid of the constant chatter in your mind and teach you how to focus it on one thought or an object.

Kapila Castoldi – Sri Chinmoy Centre

Kapila2Dr. Kapila Castoldi is a Physics professor at a university in the area. Kapila has studied meditation for over 27 years under the guidance of Indian spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy and has conducted introductory meditation workshops throughout the Midwest and abroad.


Breathing Technique

Concentration Technique

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