darning sock

Darning is a sewing technique used to fix holes in fabric or knitting. Once you know how to darn you can keep all those smartwool socks much longer.  Stop by this drop-in session and Molly McMullen-Laird will show you how to get started on repairing woolens that need a few stitches to keep them in working order. Please bring a piece to work on plus some pieces of yarn to match, a needle with a large eye and a hard surface like a jar or water bottle or a real darning egg if you have one! She’ll teach you the very basics of darning as she learned it from her mother. As a participant you will take your garment home with the repair already started to finish it on your own and then go on to mend everything in your house!

Molly McMullen-Laird – Community Supported Anthroposophical Medicine

Molly-McMullen-Laird-MD“I am an anthroposophical physician, I work with needles a lot, and one of my hobbies is recycling and doing simple things to reduce my use of resources. I like to fix things also. Darning is an easy thing that everyone can use so if you don’t know how, then stop by and I will teach you. It is simple.”

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