Funding Community Projects Through the Crowd

Crowdfunding – what is it and how can your business or community group use it? This workshop includes an overview of how crowdfunding has been used over the last few years and how that will change based on the passage of the JOBS Act in April 2012 which will now allow businesses to solicit investments from the community over the internet. If you have a community group or a small business venture that needs initial seed funding, this workshop will be of great value to you.

Participants will walk away with a best practices handout that will help them run successful crowdfunding campaigns. Through an understanding of how they can raise small amounts of capital through the ‘crowd’, they’ll have the opportunity to fund the community learning and skill sharing projects that are of high value to us all.

Angela Barbash – Reconsider

angela barbashAngela has spent the last 10 years as a financial advisor working in the traditional industry serving individual client needs. In response to what she and her colleagues saw as a deeply flawed financial services system ill-suited for the 21st Century ‘New Economy’, Reconsider was founded in December 2011 and has committed to nurturing cultural transformation for sustainable prosperity. She and those involved in the firm are dedicated to providing financial consulting services that deepen connections among clients, their community, and their resources. Reconsider currently incubates at Spark East in Downtown Ypsilanti.

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