MI Passive House Update & DIY GFRC Pots

This session will fill you in on the progress made on the superinsulated earth-sheltered Passive House (seen in Re-skilling 2012), followed by the opportunity to make a small molded pot of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete to keep. This material is strong in tension, compression, and bending so it makes great structural insulated panels when applied in thin layers to both sides of styrofoam walls or floors. The R60 insulation without thermal bridging is already making the basement level warm, though the house doesn’t have a heating system yet, and the roof and windows are still plastic tarps.

Each participant will have the chance to make a small molded pot of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete to take home. This material can be mixed in a 5 gallon bucket and applied to molds or to styrofoam shapes or masonry walls with hand tools to make extra strong things with just thin layers of the fiberous concrete. Christina Snyder, the owner-builder-architect, will share lessons learned, including recipes, sources of ingredients, and ideas for using the materials for remodeling as well as new construction.

Note this session has a materials fee of $2 per pot. Includes all the ingredients in glass-fiber reinforced concrete (some only available in wholesale quantities, not in stores), the plastic mold, mold release coating, and materials for making personalized decorations, and handouts for the recipe and sources of tools and materials.

Christina Snyder – Equilibrium Energy Spaces

christinaPointingChristina is an architect, builder, adjunct professor, and Michigan’s first Certified Passive House Consultant (www.passivehouse.us). She specializes in sustainable construction, whether residential or commercial, new or retrofit, modern or natural building materials, and especially in ultra energy & water efficient designs that either incorporate renewable energy or are “renewable ready”, including Zero Energy Homes. You can preview some of the photos in the presentation at the website for her Passive House: http://mipassivehouse.us/


2012 Passive House Update


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