Bicycle Repair

prof coolStop by this casual drop-in session to learn basic bike maintenance procedures that can be performed by a home mechanic.  Bring your bike in to get it ready early this year or make it through the remainder of winter!  Randy Veilkan and Ben Hogan will show you basic maintenance skills like:

  • Tuning in shifters
  • Adjusting brakes
  • Adjusting/lubricating bearings
  • Straightening wheels
  • Fixing flat tires
  • Adjusting seat and handlebar position
  • Anything else we have tools/time for

If they can’t show you how to fix it during the session due to repair parts being needed, they can at least point you in the right direction and show you how to perform the repair later.  Cables and housing will be available for purchase.  If you need any other replacement parts, please bring them to the session.

Randy Velikan

Randy is a mechanical engineer who enjoys tinkering, bicycles, old cars, and other gadgets.

Ben Hogan

“My name is Ben Hogan. I have three years of bicycle mechanic experience under my belt. Basic bicycle maintenance is something that was taught to me, and I want to teach you how to solve some of the simple issues that might arise with your machine. I believe that every bicycle owner requires at least some knowledge of the workings of their own bicycle, and I am confident that I can make that happen.”

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