Meditation for Balance and Relaxation

Vic DivechaIn this session, you will learn how to meditate daily and on an as-needed basis. You will also learn about free local and online resources to build a practice of daily meditation.  Participants will learn to become their own master, how to meditate at home, and know where to look for resources and guidance for their personal meditation practice.

Vic Divecha – Michigan Meditation Meetup

vic divechaVic has been facilitating a communities of meditators in Ann Arbor, Detroit subburbs and Windsor, ON for the past 10 years. Signing up on Michigan Meditation Meetup is a great way to stay in touch. The meetup features activites which are always free to learners. Retreats, meditation courses and seminars are conducted to teach self-sustaining meditation practices.  Vic has partnered with local meditators to author 7 meditation CDs, which are made available at no cost to participants as mp3 downloads or online listening, as a part of his meditation courses.


Sahaja Meditation

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