Winter Fire Skills

Campfire_PineconeThis hands-on session will cover basic fire starting and building skills, from primitive to modern. Winter offers us an opportunity to practice some of the challenges and advantages of finding good tinder and firewood, during a season when fires elemental gifts are most needed.  All participants will have the opportunity to practice firemaking from friction (bow drill, pump drill, hand drill), flint and steel, iron striker rods) and igniting their own tinder bundles.

Frank Levey – Blue Turtle Nature Camp

Frank LeveyFrank Levey has been a student/teacher of nature awareness and wilderness living skills since a child. He has a wellness practice as a breathworker and guide. Framk and his wife, Larissa, also run Blue Turtle Nature Camp from their home in Ann Arbor.  Frank will also be teaching a session on Water Gathering and Purification.

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