This year, we’ll be opening up the auditorium to local vendors.  As this is the ReSkilling Festival, each vendor will be prepared to teach you one-on-one how they do what they do, from sample steps to a full walkthrough of the process.  A portion of vendor profits will go toward supporting the Festival, so a purchase from them will not only help support local artisans, but it’ll also help keep the Festival going in the future.  Please don’t forget to bring some cash with you on Sunday!  Below is a list of the vendors we’ll have at the Festival:

  • A2DIY – Sarah Collins
  • All Natural, Gourmet & Homemade  Dog Goodies – Paula TenBrink
  • Bead Jewelry – Ashley Cook
  • Bottle Art – Orian Zakai
  • Dog Coats, Cat Toys and Knit Goods – Marla Swartz
  • Handpainted Handbags – Melissa Phythian
  • Handspun Yarn and Finished Goods – Marge Mills
  • Homemade Baguettes – Suzanne Murray,
  • Indoor Growing Equipment – Andrew Billing, Growing Hope
  • Isha Craft – Jennifer Young
  • Mushroom Growing Kits – Chris Wright
  • Raw Catfood – Christina Guldi
  • Used Books (with a focus on topics relevant to this festival) – ReadersForum

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