Natural Building & Rocket Stoves


Deanne Bednar will be showing slides of the buildings & projects at the Strawbale Studio ~ located one hour north of Detroit on wooded rural land: the new timber-framed thatched roof Retreat Cabin, the Strawbale Studio, Earth Oven, Wood Shelter with round poles and a living roof, Cob Rumford Fireplace & more.  Also covered will be the principles of designing & building a Rocket Stove heated bench, and Rocket Outdoor Cooker.

 Deanne Bednar – Strawbale Studio


Deanne has been doing natural building since taking a course from Cob Cottage Company in 1996, and for the last 10 years has been teaching natural building & sustainable living skills at the Strawbale Studio outside Oxford, MI. She is the Illustrator of the Hand-Sculpted House, The Natural Plaster Book and the Cobbers’ Companion. Deanne has a Masters in Social Ecology from Goddard College with a focus on earthen plasters & sculptures and roof thatching with reed grass.

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