Aug 14th Reskilling: weaving cattail mats & a mending Bee

6-9 p.m. –  Potluck, Skill-Share, & Clothing Swap at the Yellow Barn

6:00 Potluck:  Bring a dish to pass and your own plate and utensils.

6:30 pm:  While we are eating, Ryan Gourley of will let us know about the great “sharing economy” opportunities in our area, and Laura Ruth Pasek will introduce the exciting new Ann Arbor Time Bank.

7 pm: Break into skillshare groups—here are the options:

  1. Join Rowena Conahan of the Nature Learning Community for a demonstration of how to sew a cattail mat for roofing a hand-built shelter.  These beautiful mats are easy to make from abundant, local materials, and are also easy to transport.  Great Lakes peoples covered homes with mats like these for many generations, and sewing them is a sensory delight.  Participants will get hands-on experience sewing mats.
  2. Or, join Barbara Lucas and friends for a “Mending Bee”—bring any clothes, socks, etc. that have holes or need buttons and we will work on them together!  (If you don’t have anything that needs fixing, come anyway—we’ll have extras on which to learn basic darning and mending skills.)

This month the A2Reskilling meet-up will include a clothing swap—bring your extras so they can  find a new home!

The Yellow Barn is located at 416 W. Huron (map). There is parking on-site, but in case it fills up, there is plenty of parking on Miller Ave just one block north of the Yellow Barn.

See you there!

from Rowena Conahan

cattail mat roofing

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