EcoJustice and Activism Conference

This was an old event we participated in back in 2016, which is expecially relevant now with regard to The Commons in Ann Arbor. There will be some discussion of The Commons at our event tomorrow. Join us for a potluck, a seed swap, and open mic.



Join us on March 17-19, 2016 at the EcoJustice and Activism Conference

Reclaiming the Commons: Diverse Ways of Being and Knowing

College of Education Porter Building – EMU, 798 W Circle Dr, Ypsilanti, MI


confThe EcoJustice and Activism Conference is organized to engage activists, educators, students, and scholars in deep and meaningful discussion around what we can do together to address and organize actions aimed at alleviating and/or eliminating current social and environmental injustices occurring in our local, national, and international communities. This year’s theme, Reclaiming the Commons: Diverse Ways of Being and Knowing aims to engage discussions about the importance of the vastly diverse commons practices, their relations and their histories across the planet.

For the schedule and registration:

Hosted by: EMU Social Foundations of Education Masters Program, EcoJustice Concentration

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