Call for Vendors


 We’d like to open room for vendors to sell their wares and give you the opportunity to watch or even work along with them and purchase their works.  If you have a skill to share and goods to sell, please check out our vendor form.  As this is the Reskilling Festival, you must be willing to to include an educational component, even if it’s just actively crafting during the festival to show others what you do and how you do it.

One response to “Call for Vendors

  1. Hi there,
    I am actually contacting you about doing a workshop if you wish. Or if it is filled, I can come and enjoy the day. What a great line up of activities !
    I could do a number of things related to natural building. A slideshow of the buildings and sustainable skills at the Strawbale Studio and some regional structures, or a focus on thatching. An earth plaster demo and slides of artistic things to do with plasters and cob. A hands-on knot tying presentation…and its relationship with round pole framing, and some pictures. What you need to know to build an earth oven (but not actually build one). I could come up with more ideas, too. Or maybe there is something you would have in mind I could consider. I would want time to go to a number of the other events, so if we pick one or two that would work.

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