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Zero Waste Festival


The ReSkilling Festival is going Zero Waste!  With your help we will try to recycle, reuse or compost all the potential waste generated by the festival.  One way you can help us is to bring your own cups/bowls/spoons for lunch.  We will also offer 100% biodegradable options for a small suggested donation,  but this small effort will go a long way to making the ReSkilling Festival truly sustainable.

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Acoustic Accompaniment

Pat Predd

We are proud to once again host Detroit Singer/Songwriter Pat Predd at this year’s festival.  Come to the commons during lunch to grab some delicious food, network with other ReSkillers and enjoy Pat’s acoustic set.

Patrick Predd

Since 2005, industry pros and peers alike have been dishing the compliments about the songwriting style and vocal chops of this Detroit-area singer/songwriter. Finalist for 2008 ISSA Singer-Songwriter of the Year, a grass-roots fan base is steadily building for his passionate and personal live performances since his first public outing in Spring of 2008.

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Ancient and Modern Steam Power

Aeolipile_illustrationJohn Bowditch is representing the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum with a special demonstration of two steam turbines and a steam whistle. All three will be operated on live steam. The first demonstration is of an ancient steam turbine that was first described by Hero of Alexandria in 60 AD. This makes it the very earliest example of a heat engine which converts heat energy into mechanical energy for useful work. The “Aeolipile” is a perfect demonstration of a reaction steam turbine.

The second turbine is called an “Impulse turbine”.  The earliest successful ones were invented by Gustaf de Laval in the 1880s. This example is unusual in that the turbine wheel is totally exposed so its operation can  be easily seen and understood. Today, steam turbines are used in many electric power plants and to drive steam ships. Modern steam turbines are among the most efficient heat engines. They supply the mechanical power used to drive the generators that produce about 75 percent of all electric power used in the United States.

John Bowditch – Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

john bowditchJohn Bowditch is currently Director of Exhibits Emeritus at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. He assumed this position in June of last year after being Director of Exhibits at the museum since 1999. Prior to that, he was Curator of Industry at The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village for over 20 years where he was responsible for the museum’s extensive collections of steam-powered machinery. Mr. Bowditch gives regular lectures and demonstrations  related to the history of steam and electrical power.

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Festival Schedule

The February 10, 2013 Festival Schedule is now available!

Click the image for a full-size version and floor plan of the school

Click here for directions to the Festival and what to bring

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February 1, 2013 · 6:43 pm