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Physical Games For Life

Handout – Physical Games for Life

Come learn many different games, from string games to tag games, cooperative and competitive games (that aren’t sports). Also learn the importance of these games for children and how to facilitate them in your neighborhoods and backyards. We will address emotional signs that well up in us as we play and how to handle some uncomfortable but sometimes necessary situations for personal growth. So come learn some new games and tools for neighborhood get-togethers, and go have fun!

Linda Teaman

Linda is a movement educator with Spacial Dynamics, Bal-A-Vis-X and Rhythmic Movement training. She have 17 years experience teaching at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor. Teaching music, movement education, BAVX, coaching and social inclusion. She is now writing about her experiences with children and games.

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Why Birth Matters To All Of Us

Handout – Why Birth Matters to All of Us

The experience of birth has changed dramatically in the last few generations. How will this affect our communities and world?  Why does one person’s birth affect the ‘rest of us?’   Join in a fascinating journey as we explore the powerful world of birth practices & locations, bringing new insights to those both approaching parenthood for the first time and those supporting the next generation of growing families. Participants will gain insight as to how everyone’s behavior around birth, from by-stander comments to birthing choices, affect both individuals and the greater community.  Skills gained will include how to be actively supportive of healthy birth choices & how to find/share resources for the same.

Beth Bailey Barbeau, The Indigo Forest

Beth Bailey Barbeau, traditional midwife, has been in love with birth and babies for over 30 years. In addition to founding Indigo Forest, she is also an instructor at the Naturopathic Institute of Mt. Pleasant, MI in their Certified Holistic Labor Companion Program

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The Art of Bio-Char

Handout – The Art of Bio-Char

Join us for a modern twist on the ancient technique of improving soil with charred wood, or Bio-Char. Learn the “new” technique Organic gardeners and Permaculturists the world over are finally catching on to. We will review the history, science, and modern methodology. Each participant will receive a course guide with an overview of the presentation and detailed explanations on how to build their own device. By the end of this workshop you will understand how Bio-Char is made and how it can improve the health of your soil for decades to come.

Read this article from Mother Earth News for a detailed explanation Bio-Char

Participants will gain a historical and scientific understanding of what Biochar is, how it is made sustainably, and how it can be used to improve soil ecology. There will also be a course guide that comes with schematics as well as resources for obtaining the materials necessary to build such a device.

Lucas DiGia – Project Grow Gardens

Lucas DiGia is a young local food’s activist that sees community gardening as a gateway to the larger principles of Permaculture, land stewardship, and healthy living. As vice president of the board of Project Grow Gardens, he works hard to promote sustainable gardening practices in our community and create partnerships with other organizations that support the mission of Project Grow: To provide the space, education, and inspiration to make organic gardening accessible to all.


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Don’t Just Survive… Thrive

Powerpoint – Don’t just survive.. Thrive!

Handout – Don’t just survive.. Thrive!

Handout – Washtenaw County EMS

This basic overview class covers our outlook on the major systems we have become dependent on as a society: Food & Water, Energy, Money, and Government Services.  In this workshop we take a 50,000 foot view and highlight some of the major risks within these systems, and make our case for why we think people should begin investing their money, time and energy into building community resiliency and individual independence from these systems.  Participants will walk away with useful resources for furthering their education and understanding of the primary risks to our wealth and well-being today.  Many people also leave energized and motivated to re-align their investments in time and money with the reality we face today.

Angela Barbash

Now in her 10th year in the financial advising field, Angela has worked almost every aspect of the industry. At the age of 20 she began a two year apprenticeship with Allen Green of A. Green Financial Group (AGFG) in Downtown Ypsilanti. Since then she has spent 5 years at a large traditional firm and 5 years as an independent advisor. In the Fall of 2011, Angela founded her own firm, ‘reconsider’, in order to deliver the message of Slow Money, localization and practicality to her clients and community.

Additionally, Angela Barbash has served on the board of the Ypsilanti nonprofit Growing Hope from 2009-2011 working on development and special events. She also has been serving as President of the New West Willow Neighborhood Association (NWWNA) in Ypsilanti Township since 2010.

Angela Barbash is an Investment Advisor Representative with reconsider, who uses Royal Advisory out of Grandville, MI for Advisory Services (Member FINRA/SIPC) and RBC Capital Markets as their Trustee.

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Composting With Ease

Handout – Compost Cookery

Handout – Home Compost Recipe

Handout – Wooden Pallet Bins

Handout – Setting Up A Worm Bin

Handout – City of AA Worm Composting Class 2012

Handout – Master Composter Class 2012

Come and learn how easily a city dweller can turn their vegetative food scraps into gold. Composting is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Outdoor and worm bin composting will be discussed. Interested individuals will learn how easy and inexpensive it is to set up their very own outdoor and indoor bins. Many resources will be shared with attendees.

Lisa Perschke, Washtenaw County Consortium of Solid Waste Management

I am an Advance Master Gardener and Advance Master Composter for over 5 years. I teach worm bin and outdoor composting through Ann Arbor Schools Rec and Ed Department. I teach gardening skills without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, utilizing compost for nutrient replenishment. I work at Recycle Ann Arbor as a Recycling Program Specialist so I teach about recycling, reusing and reducing waste for maximum waste reduction.

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How To Capture A Swarm

Handout – How to Capture a Swarm

With bees under threat, we need to give them every chance to survive and thrive. Swarming is one way that a hive splits. Especially in urban settings, it can be hard for homeless bees to find that perfect place to nest. By learning to capture swarms you can help them to survive, be available for emergency removal, and decrease your own panic or fear of “wild” bees. We’ll talk about bee behavior, the equipment to have on hand, and how to capture and transport your new hive. Participants will gain the knowledge of how to capture most swarms, how to evaluate the situation, know what equipment to prepare in advance and where to get further help.

Linda Diane Feldt

I first began keeping bees almost 30 years ago. I’m in love with these gentle creatures and would like to share that passion in this workshop. I’m a local holistic Health Practitioner, author, and teacher. My newest project is three new books, available as serialized subscriptions. The topics of my now six books include massage, death and dying, cooking greens, short stories, ethics, and wild food. I twitter about local wild food (and bees) almost daily @wildcrafting.
You can learn more at


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Singing in Circle

Handout – Chants and Rounds 2012

Singing two-part, three-part or four-part rounds is great fun for adults and kids. We’ll sing rounds both familiar and obscure, silly and profound, for all experience levels.  Those who are new to singing with others will hone their ability to hold their vocal part and blend with other voices.  For more seasoned singers, it’s an opportunity to share the simple pleasure of singing in community.

Jeanne Mackey

A believer in the healing power of song, Jeanne Mackey has been making music most of her life. She recently created “Drop the Knife: A Memoir-in-Song”–original stories and songs on the occasion of turning 60–which she’ll perform on 4/21 at Washtenaw Community College with Laz Slomovits, Lori Fithian, & Eric Fithian.

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