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Welcome to HourSchool!

Howdy, my name is Alex and I’m one of the co-founders of HourSchool. HourSchool is an online platform for people to self organize small informal peer-led classes. We’re based in Austin, TX, but I’m originally from Ann Arbor and I’d love to get the HourSchool platform going in the Ann Arbor community.

I will talk about how and why we started HourSchool, and about why I believe that everyone has knowledge to share… because it’s not always the experts who make the best teachers, it’s the people you know.

Alex Pappas, Hourschool

I’m a Co-Founder of HourSchool, an occasional Toy Designer, a lover of bikes, sandwiches, and learning… I’m a big fan of all things that wear in, not out. Mostly because you find those things in the hands of very interesting people.

I come from the Zip-Tie Hose-Clamp side of things… anything to keep it on the road.

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Eating for a Healthy World

This 6-minute mini will introduce you to the “Eating for a Healthy World” initiative, which encourages people to make healthy food choices that will reduce the effects of climate change, protect the environment, and create a more sustainable food system for all–and support their personal health in the bargain!

Jan Wright & Bill Alt, Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice Climate Change & Earth Care Taskforce

The Climate Change and Earth Care taskforce of the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice (ICPJ) works with religious and community groups to stop global warming and promote environmental protection. ICPJ empowers people of faith and people of conscience in the Washtenaw County/Ann Arbor area to act on their moral and religious values to build a better world.

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Nature as Teacher

We live in a culture that denies our innate emotional and spiritual affinity with the natural world.  We’ve lost touch with much of the wisdom that our ancestors took for granted.  Let’s embrace practices and perspectives that can revive this lost connection. Action that is grounded in love and gratitude is a powerful force indeed.  Check out this 6-minute mini during lunch.

Jeanne Mackey

A believer in the healing power of song, Jeanne Mackey has been making music most of her life. She recently created “Drop the Knife: A Memoir-in-Song”–original stories and songs on the occasion of turning 60–which she’ll perform on 4/21 at Washtenaw Community College with Laz Slomovits, Lori Fithian, & Eric Fithian.

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