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Do i have a possessive boyfriend quiz

Are you in a relationship with a guy that you think might be a little bit jealous? We can help you figure out if that's what's really going on with this quiz! Created by: shannon. Throughout this quiz you are going to have to answer questions related to how your guy reacts and what he says in different situations. Answer them as closely as you can to find out if he's jealous! This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever.

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Are you in a healthy relationship?

March 16, 45 Comments. They say they care, and you know they do, but sometimes it feels too much. Are their actions caring…. Be honest with yourself. Tick the box if the statement applies to you.

Did you get any warning signs when you did this quiz? If you did, then there are signs that you are not being treated right. We like sharing! We'd love to hear how you use it - please tell us. If you was to ask my partner the same questions it would be bad. A lot of the same things apply to other kinds of abusive relationships, though. Been married for 7 years with a 6 year old beautiful daughter. Been together for 12 years and I am This just confirms it. You can get anonymous and confidential phone counselling through these services.

Talking to a trained person can help people feel less isolated or alone when trying to survive in an abusive relationship. You could also find support or just talk things through with someone you know. Why did I think it was going to? I knew it was bad but i did not realize how bad it was until recently. I had to stick it out for a while we were in the process of adopting his grand daughter.

Yes my name is on the paperwork. I was not going to leave my grand daughter with him. I am beginning to realize that she deserves a better life. If i stay the cycle will continue.

I need to break it. Her 2nd child just got taken away by CPS it is starting to look like he is going to want to take that one too. Then I really will be trapped if i stay.

I am going to have to leave but HOW? But we can give all kinds of money to his drug addict daughter. Everyone, please prey for me. I took the quiz….. Wow with 11 frowns and 4 red frowns I guess the tears in my eyes say it all I feel so stuck with 2 children who too feel scared of him. I know what I have to do but he promises to get help and financially I cannot do it as I could not afford to pay my daughters school fees which are a year and it would devastate her….

I guess I need to start preparing. Just done the quiz. Confirmed what I guess I already knew. I need to end this relationship. Just need to figure out how. At least the flat is rented in my name and he will have to leave — checked this out after doing the quiz. I based it off of my relationship with my ex. I wish I would have found this sooner. He still has a hold on me, but hopefully I will be able to move on one day.

Too many double frowns. I know I am in an abusive relationship and this quiz confirmed what I already knew. I am separated now. Just thought I would say that this is a good lil quiz.. They are both great guys but.. I wanted to tell everyone that I was in an unhealthy relationship 3 yrs ago..

I have a baby with this guy too.. And it did take time but I got over it.. We were together for 5 yrs.. And I wanted to tell everyone that there is someone out there for everyone.. They wil make u happy without a doubt in your mind.. You might even find a few of them [like in my case hahah! It may take awhile but u only live once.. So live happy!!!! And remember the BEsT things are worth waiting for goodluck to all. Now my life has really turned around for the better, I have been married now for 2 years to the most gorgeous loving woman ever!

I have no friends anymore,members of my family that I was close to before I met him, I no longer speak to. He has either made having a relationship with them next to impossible or has personally done something to drive them away.

I feel terrible that our three year old has to see this, but I have nowhere,literally nowhere, to go. We have our goo days but its mostly been this way all along.. Love is not what most teens think it is. He really is not a bad person and he treats me well.

How sad. A lottttt of frowny faces. He disappeared for a few days without any explanation and when I was mad about it he threatened to kill himself if I left. I got 26 frowns…not surprised. On the path to getting my life back now.

Love: the good, the bad and the ugly Dating, relationships and when love hurts. QUIZ: is it love or control? March 16, 45 Comments They say they care, and you know they do, but sometimes it feels too much. My boyfriend or girlfriend… Always Sometimes Never seems to like me for who I am. Love or control? QUIZ: am I ready for sex? Lorraine carter September 8, at am. That was a good quiz, I realize that im in a good relationship.

Wai Ping Chan September 12, at pm. Good quiz! I think my boyfriend not a controller, and we have good relationship too. Dejeane Reyna September 13, at pm. Mekyella abila September 16, at pm. Dana September 29, at am. Becky October 17, at am. Brooke October 19, at am. Hi Brooke, thanks for your comment. Take care, Mardi. Danielle November 8, at pm. Linda November 13, at am. Meng November 26, at am. I like the quiz. Moving On December 13, at am.

Lauren December 14, at pm. Sam January 3, at pm. Alyssa February 1, at am. Mychael February 15, at am. Ashbow15 February 17, at am. Stacy February 19, at pm. February 24, at am.

Are you Too Possessive?

Listen, no one likes to waste their time. Sometimes, if you feel like somethings not right you just need to cut your ties and move forward. With that being said, you don't want to look back and think 'what if' you stuck at it and made it work?!

When it comes to relationships, there is a very thin line between true love and obsession. In the beginning, a little jealousy here and there is not only normal, but it's healthy.

Are you in a relationship with an over possessive person? Are you possessive yourself? Take this quiz to find out. Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; For love is sufficient unto love. A little possessiveness is normal in every relationship.

Is Your Boyfriend Too Controlling?

Sign Up! But how much is too much? Could you potentially be stifling your boyfriend? Sometimes when we are in love, we unknowingly feel like we have ownership of them! We get super jealous when they talk to other girls, or not respond when online. Your mind starts drifting in all possible directions! But hey, some of us are super chill too! What type of girlfriend are you? The possessive girlfriend or the super chill kind?

20 Early Warning Signs Of A Possessive And Controlling Boyfriend

March 16, 45 Comments. They say they care, and you know they do, but sometimes it feels too much. Are their actions caring…. Be honest with yourself.

Please leave empty:. Not worry about it - there's nothing wrong with taking pictures!

Everyone deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship. Do you know if your relationship is healthy? Answer yes or no to the following questions to find out. Make sure to check the boxes to record your responses.

Are You Too Possessive? Or Just Concerned? Find Out With Our Quiz

Do you have a loving and trusting relationship with your boyfriend, or does he try and control everything you do? Take our quiz and see what your relationship is really like. Speak now.

And possessive boyfriends cross it. Or even being curious about the guy that always comments on your photos. But that can easily go to far. So you have a few options, some easier than others, and some better done earlier than later. In the beginning of any relationship, you should be setting boundaries. The other side of that is finding a boyfriend who respects that about you, as well.

There is a very fine line between having a protective lover and a possessive lover …. What separates innocent possessiveness as seen in the first few insecure stages of love with aggressive possessiveness? When left unexplored and unresolved, possessive relationships can amount to feelings of profound unhappiness, anxiety, anger, and even physical or emotional abuse. Is your relationship healthy and supportive of your well-being, or unhealthy and destructive to your health and happiness? Although it can be hard to admit that you have a possessive boyfriend, girlfriend or partner, it is worth getting real about your relationship for your OWN inner peace of mind.

May 9, - Have you ever wondered whether you're the so-called "jealous type"? Try my quiz now and find out who's right them or you. 1. If your boyfriend/girlfriend took a selfie with another girl/boy and you saw it, you would. Rating: - ‎14 votes.

Ever gotten mad at your partner for "liking" someone else's pic on Insta? This post was translated from Portuguese. Check off everything you've done with a romantic partner:.

Are You or Your Partner Possessive?


Am I The Jealous Type? (In Relationships)






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