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Do you need photo id to go to isle of man

Across shadowed waters lies a hidden Island. A place where tradition is buried within extraordinary stories, passed from generation to generation and secrets sweep the hilltops and villages, ready to unfold. In the far North lies a town of hidden delights, where secret coves wait and strange creatures roam. Cloaked by emerald hilltops, sapphire waters and taught roads there is much to be discovered. Waves flock to the coastline, bringing tales of a world beyond the Irish horizon, uttering tales from a nest of Gaelic Tongues.

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Flying to The Isle man - Isle of Man Forum

By Cronky , March 10, in International News. First I want to make it clear I am not in favour of compulsory ID cards, or biometric passports, or of the concept of being tracked or of linking up the information which is daily gathered about us. Rememeber unless we have committed a crine we do not have to tell a police man who we are. Even then we are entitled to refuse. Mustn't give a false ID however.

They are our servants, they and the state have no right to know. That is the historical British position.

Second I think the story is scare mongering. It is almost like a common exterior border. A bit like Schengen for the EU. There is no suggestion of abolition of the common travel area. No one is suggesting you will need ID cards to produce to the police as you get off the IOW ferry, at either end, or off the Skye boat or the M4 bridges or even along thye M6. A decision by the police to stop everyone coming off the boats or in any of the other situations and ask for ID would be a breach of police powesr in any event and challengeable in the courts.

From a practical point of view we will muddle along as we always have done, being an anaomaly and getting the worst of both worlds when a slow Mr Plod in UK demands to see our documentation, or under the rules that we produce it and we can't and he reacts badly because he has the power, its more than his jobs worth and he is plain ignorant of the anomalous IOM. That being said and done a number or identifier, issued at birth, to be used as a travel document, for health care, as a driving licence, to open bank accounts and to prove age and who we are, maybe including the right to vote, has its attractions, its the linking up of data bases that is the danger.

Lets face it we already have a plethora of them for Health, NI, tax, passport, driving licences, membership cards, credit and debit cards.

They are slowly being linked up, or access is being allowed. I think that maybe we should have a rethink and the campaigners should identify the real risk and fight against that.

The real risk is the leakage and mssuse of information. That is not just by the state. So Bill get your facts right, don't scare monger, stop reading the Daily Mail.

The warning to all of us however is that the government is using the perceived terror threat to reduce the freedoms we have all come to expect. Without a written consitution, the Human Rights Act and the courts are your only protection. Don't mock it if the results sometimes seem silly. Always look at it and say if I had been in thaty position how would I expect to be tretaed and if that is how big governemnt treats him, how long before it tries to treat me the same.

We coulds save more lives and have a better society and less terror threat if we were less confrontational, less discrimnatory and spent more on road safety just compare the deaths by terrrorism to road deaths and health care deaths by treatable duiseases v terror deaths and international aid and relief. Look, don't shoot the messenger. It is also mentioned on the PJC Journal website. A friend of mine, who travelled to Heysham as a foot passenger recently, tells me there is a sign at disembarkation stating that you need identity documents.

Whilst I have no corroboration of this the request is against the principles of the CTA and, presumably, illegal and an abuse of power. We will, presumably, learn more when Bill Malarkey hears answers to his questions in the House of Keys this week. John, I agree with virtually everything you say. However, these schemes really have the power to restrict our lives. Had I , five years ago, projected the status quo, you might rightly have called me a scaremonger.

These identity schemes are building so fast we really have to be on our gaurd. The Home office minister in reply to a question about whether Irish people would need to have an ID card to come and go, in view of fact that the CTA is to be kept dealt with it as follows. Asked about the implications for cross-border workers, Mr.

Burnham noted that as ID Cards were for residents of the UK, residents of the Republic would not be obliged to carry them. They would be able to come and go without a passport or ID Card. However, the Bill would make provision for such people to voluntarily apply for ID cards if they thought it would be beneficial.

My wife and I saw that too. Result no change. Still no threat of 2 lines coming off boat for! D card holders and non ID card holders still no evidence it will make travel harder. I breeze through, without question, saying "IOM commom travel area", never fails. I have had my vehicle pulled over several times and they asked to search it. Strangely only ever when travelling in a white van. You can ask if its random or bedcause he has a belief he may find something.

That gives different powers. I always ask to see their warrant or ID card and then ask under what legislation and where it was displayed that he had the right. At Liverpool where the necessary poster in the search tunnel disappeared 12 months ago the best I've ever had is him radioing his mate to say I was refusing to be searched, but when boss comes along he produced an ID card, private security, and tells me its an EU Maritime Security directive so I let them search.

The warning notice properly sign painted on a board is leaned up against the railings behind the search tunnel by the way. In Heysham smart young lady pointed to the sign, showed me her card and told me it was the Maritime Security Act and was an international obligation I pointed out we were in the Common Travel area and this was domestic.

She had the right answer and I consented to the search. Its the same with the cops. If you can write it down, ask them to countersign. We were travelling from Douglas in a car with lots of diving gear including knives. The search involved looking in the glove compartment and behind the sun shields twice. What happens if one has no passport or driving licence.

Young or elderly people may find theirselves in that predicament at the airport. Euromanx and Flybe already make the production of photo ID a requirement of travel. Dont try arguing with them that ID isnt required to travel within the common travel area. I think you will find that is an airline security requirement. You don't need photo ID on the ferry. Check John Wright's post. A mate of mine is flying from Manchester to Scotland in the summer and has to get a passport for his daughter to prove her identity.

No other photo ID is acceptable, as she hasn't got a driving licence. If it is, providing ID will only be confirming what they already know. Personally, I don't object to anyone official knowing who I am. I think the dangers from assorted nutters of the modern world outweigh any personal liberty issues. If you are doing nothing wrong what have you really got to hide? You can post now and register later.

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No new topics. Search In. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Recommended Posts. Posted March 10, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted March 10, edited. When pressed on what would happen to those who opt out of ID Cards James Hall stated: "There is no need to register and have fingerprints taken - but you will forgo the ability to have a passport".

Remove republic, substitute IOM that is the answer. Don't have to wait for Bill's question, and if he had googled, neither would he. Posted March 11, Photo ID is also 'requested' at Heysham. I don't think they give a toss who goes to Liverpool. Anyway I assume thats at check in so its the Steam Packet, not security. Just like the airport. Have you ever asked them what on earth they are searching for?

We found it so amusing. Posted March 20, Posted March 20, edited. Edited March 20, by Cronky.

Identity cards

By Cronky , March 10, in International News. First I want to make it clear I am not in favour of compulsory ID cards, or biometric passports, or of the concept of being tracked or of linking up the information which is daily gathered about us. Rememeber unless we have committed a crine we do not have to tell a police man who we are. Even then we are entitled to refuse.

YES NO. I have not received my ticket. Can I travel with just a booking reference?

We must ensure that we know who applicants are and where they live before they can be accepted as members of the credit union. To do this we will need to see two items of documentary evidence, with one item provided from List 1 and one from List 2. The applicant must provide one of the following documents to prove who they are. Unless specified, the document must be current and valid, and bear a photograph of the applicant:.

Visitor Information

Although the Isle of Man is not part of the UK, British overseas missions process visas on its behalf; fees for the Isle of Man visitor visas are the same as for UK visitor visas. Though dependent on the UK, the Isle of Man has its own set of immigration and visa rules and visitors to the island may require separate visas than those for entry to the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland. However, visitors from other places will reach the UK or Republic of Ireland first and so must comply with British or Irish immigration formalities before travelling to the Isle of Man. You can bring a pet dog, cat or ferret onto the Isle of Man from a rabies-free country or a country with a low incidence of rabies if the pet has been resident there for at least six months, has been microchipped and has been vaccinated at least 21 days prior to entry. If you are coming from a country with a high incidence of rabies your pet will require a blood titer test four months prior to entering the Isle of Man or it will be subject to quarantine. Before arrival your pet must also be treated against certain tapeworms hours prior to entering the island, using an approved treatment; any licensed vet can do this. Browse our Video Guides.

Checklist for Moving to the Isle of Man

Travelling to the Isle of Man Ferry is a quick, easy and stress free way to get there and back again. With the latest Isle of Man Ferry crossing information and timetables for all sailings to and from the Isle of Man ferry port of Douglas to Belfast, Dublin, Heysham, Larne or Liverpool Birkenhead including information on the ferry ports and useful tourist information about the destinations our detailed route and city maps will help you plot your Isle of Man Ferry ferry journey. If are travelling to the Isle of Man ferry port of Douglas to Belfast, Dublin, Heysham, Larne or Liverpool Birkenhead then book a ferry crossing with Isle of Man Ferry and arrive at your destination refreshed, relaxed and happy. The price you see is the price you pay.

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It would be best to ask your question on the IOM forum here: tripadvisor. I noticed that you inadvertently posted your question in the TripAdvisor Support Forum, so I have moved the topic on your behalf to the Isle of man travel forum. I hope you find the information you need to plan your upcoming travels.

Do I need a passport and ID to travel to the Channel Islands?

These are external links and will open in a new window. Ferry passengers on the Isle of Man could face identification checks before boarding in the future, the Home Affairs minister has said. Travellers going between the UK and Douglas by sea currently do not have to show any identification, unlike air passengers, who require ID to travel. Bill Malarkey MHK said checks would help "combat crime" and deal with the impact of Brexit on border security.

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Do I need a passport to fly to the Isle of Man? No, but like all flights you will need photo ID. Photo ID is usually required by the airline , rather than a government requirement. Other airlines such as easyjet usually require photo ID. This may be requested at certain points in your journey. Children under the age of 16 years do not require identification to travel within the UK.

Isle of Man Visa and Passport Requirements

Currently, we cannot help you process this tourist visa. You will need to contact the embassy nearest you to get more information. Safe Travels! It is not frequented by hordes of tourists like some places, making the Isle even more serenely beautiful. The quiet and endless beaches of the Isle of Man create a wonderful ambiance for rest and relaxation. Nevertheless, there are a few things you should know before you go there. However, if you plan to work there, you need a work permit. Note that a Schengen visa is not valid.

To do this we will need to see two items of documentary evidence, with one item passport; current valid national identity card; full or provisional Isle of Man driving a photograph); bus or travel pass issued by the Isle of Man Government.

The cards enable holders to prove they are old enough to purchase cigarettes and tobacco products, alcohol, fireworks, films, solvents, videos and petrol without carrying around other documents such as a passport, which would be costly to replace if lost. Email: Send Email. To obtain a Proof of Age card you will need to complete an application form.

Moving to a new country is a rewarding experience, but does bring with it a daunting checklist of things to do before you leave. Make sure all of your documentation is in order for you and your entire family. Check to ensure that passports are valid, Visas or work permits are in hand, and travel tickets are in the correct name. If you are coming from farther afield Non-EEA Nationals , and your partner is listed as a dependant on your visa , they will be able to work with little exclusion.

Coronavirus update: Please bear with us whilst we work through bookings for Guernsey in date of travel order. We will be in touch with you at the earliest opportunity. Therefore British Citizens do not need a passport to travel from the UK to the Channel Islands, unless you are planning to pop over to France for a day. However, with immediate effect, Condor Ferries require photographic ID for check-in and boarding purposes.

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