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Subscribe To Our Newsletter! Some people believe that there is only one soul mate out there for you, while other people believe that there are many soul mates waiting for you to find them. No matter what you believe, finding a woman who makes you feel happy and loved is probably something that is high on your list. If you want to find the perfect woman for you, then there are some things you need to do in order to attract and keep her.

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6 Tips To Help You Attract The Perfect Woman For You

This morning, over coffee, one of my good friends spilled her guts to me about all of her failed attempts to find the perfect man. Once upon a time, an intelligent, attractive, self-sufficient woman in her mid-thirties decided she wanted to settle down and find a husband. So she journeyed out into the world to search for the perfect man. She met him in New York City at a bar in a fancy hotel lobby. He was handsome and well-spoken. In fact, she had a hard time keeping her eyes off of him.

He intrigued her. It was the curves of his cheek bones, the confidence in his voice, and the comfort of his warm, steady hands. But after only a short time, she broke things off.

So she continued on her journey. She met him again in Austin a few months later. This time, he was an entrepreneur who owned a small, successful record label that assisted local musicians with booking gigs and promoting their music.

And she learned, during an unforgettable night, that not only did they share the same religious views, but he could also make her laugh for hours on end. He was a sports medicine doctor for the Miami Dolphins, but he easily could have been an underwear model for Calvin Klein.

For a little while, she was certain he was the one! And all of her friends loved him too. So she cut things off and continued on her journey. Finally, at a corporate business conference in San Diego, she met the perfect man. He possessed every quality she had been searching for. Intelligent, handsome, spiritual, similar social circles, and a strong emotional and physical connection—absolutely perfect!

She was ready to spend the rest of her life with him. As human beings, we often chase hypothetical, static states of perfection. We do so when we are searching for the perfect house, job, friend, or lover. Because life is a continual journey, constantly evolving and changing. What is here today is not exactly the same tomorrow. That perfect house, job, friend, or lover will eventually fade to a state of imperfection.

Thus, the closest we can get to perfection is the experience itself— the snapshot of a single moment or vision held forever in our minds —never evolving, never growing. We want something real! By contrast, viewing difficulties in a relationship as normal and necessary will give you and your partner the best chance to thrive together in the long run. People eventually get tired of waiting, so they take a chance on someone, and by the powers of love, compromise and commitment they become soulmates, which takes nearly a lifetime to perfect.

This concept truly relates to almost everything in life too. With a little patience and an open mind, over time, I bet that imperfect house evolves into a comfortable home. That imperfect job evolves into a rewarding career. That imperfect friend evolves into a steady shoulder to lean on. What resonated? Thank you so much for this. It is also a problem for those individuals on the other side that get hurt by the people of both genders on the futile quest for perfection.

Think Better Live Better was amazing this year. Truly insightful. Wonderful topic, and great timing… Perfection can be paralyzing, whether you are talking about a project at work or looking for your true love. I have been trying always to be perfect , the perfect daugthe especially and failed ,,my parents loved my twin sisters a lot ,so no matter the degrees at University I obtained ,nothing was enough.

As mothe ,I wanted to be also perfect,,what a great mistake!!! Mabel, Your message resonated with me during my teenage years and later in life. In your family you care to be loved and it can be a crushing blow to learn that family parents love a sibling and not us as well. We go out of our way to show that we are worth while and lovable. The Truth is , We are worth while and lovable. In my family, both of my parents had alcoholism.

This is not pretty. Through years afterwards, I learned to love myself and now I have no pain over their rejection of me, though this rejection did not help me in my formative and teenage years. My guidance in life was void. Many corrections by me made in my life. A lot of work, but worth it. You are worth while and loved by God. People change, I change, the world is constantly changing. What is perfect today will not be perfect tomorrow.

I was always in search of the perfect… everything : Perfect car, girlfriend, stuff. Does it have to be perfect? Why do we seek perfection?

In our modern world we get absorbed in what other people think. But now I have realized no matter what I do, somebody will not like it. Be confortable will change, and you will not be concered with perfection because it is only temporary good or bad, this will change. Exactly, you were right on that. I agreed with you but living a life to make people like us is totally wrong. Your emails always arrive in my inbox on time. Not perfection, but growth! I think we should set some base guidelines, and then see how we feel about the people who meet those.

To echo the other comments here, perfection is a tricky business. Unfortunately, the images of romantic love that we see on TV and in movies — and even the posturing on social media — all give us a false idea of what real love looks like.

I think true love is a destiny, you cannot control it. I met the most wonderful man as a younbgwoman of 22 we were quite opposite in some ways but we had an instant spark of love for me it was like a thunderbolt. He came into my life most unexpectedly a one a million chance meeting.

I loved him from the first moment we kissed. He passed way two years ago, after 36 years together, and I know for sure that I can never love anyone again like I loved him. I am not seeking love any longer but trying to give love to others. God gave him to me and I know he is with God again and not suffering pain any longer. Vanessa, your shared message is beautiful. In the Bible it says what Love?? Love has imperfections as well.

The paradoxical aspects of human existence are all that there are after all…then there is faith- which is irrational- the rest is hype and marketing. I give up on myself.

Well said! There is no such thing as perfection in humans, so there cant be in a relationships between two of them either. This is exactly what I needed today. I have been in a long term relationship that had a few bumps in the road. We have been able to get thru them thankfully, because I have felt from the beginning that he was my soulmate. I have been struggling to convince myself that nothing is ever perfect and this can be my forever person, but we WILL have bumps in the road.

That is ok! It will help us to be stronger and closer. Thank for this article!!! This article really touched that place. Thank you for reminding me what is Real and Authentic and Imperfect — that there is Hope. Thank you. Ive been married once, had a kid and got a divorce.

To this day, twenty two years after it ended, I have never felt the need to find the next perfect companion. Divorce taught me my limitations Im a pain in the ass, and cohabitating isnt gonna end well because if anything, Im the imperfect one. I will say that living alone has helped me appreciate just how amazing women are. So why ruin a great relationship by getting married? An old friend — our best man — started calling to check up on me.

We talked for hours.

How to Find the Perfect Man (or Woman)

On Monday, we talked about how to know if someone was right woman for you. Go outside, look around, there they are. We tend to focus on one single way of meeting women and ignore the others. Too many guys make one or two token efforts to expand their search — taking a class, for example or going to a MeetUp event — and not having immediate success, assume that the whole thing was a waste of time. Putting all of your metaphorical eggs in one basket narrows your options.

This morning, over coffee, one of my good friends spilled her guts to me about all of her failed attempts to find the perfect man. Once upon a time, an intelligent, attractive, self-sufficient woman in her mid-thirties decided she wanted to settle down and find a husband.

I was recently asked by an exasperated friend what my "type" was. She was keen to set up me up with some of the single women she knew and it immediately — worringly — got me thinking. I started to wonder: was it this focus on specific attributes and aesthetics that kept me and perhaps many others from accepting deviations from a list or formula concocted to help us seek out The One. Or, simply put: has being needlessly picky thwarted me?

How To Find The Right Woman For You

Finding the right girl for a great relationship isn't easy. How do you discover the "one" for you? Knowing who you are, understanding what you want and searching in the right places are all key factors in finding your Ms. David Kornel Z. Our Expert Agrees: Everyone's deal breakers are different, so think about what really matters most to you. However, some common points of conflict include religion, where you'll live, whether you want to have children, and even your political opinions. You might also have preferences about the person's personality traits and lifestyle choices, like their sense of humor, willingness to travel, hobbies, or even the type of diet you follow. If you want to find the right girl for you, start by joining a club, getting involved in sports, attending church, or going to parties to meet girls with similar interests. If you want to make it easier to find someone with similar interests and values, try online dating services that allow you to search for people by interests. When you do meet someone interesting, ask her out on a date and take the time to get to know each other.

Finding The Perfect Woman

Dear Therapist,. Do I want kids? Probably, I guess. Can I accept that my line ends with me?



‘I Found the Perfect Woman — Except for One Problem’




Feb 14, - She was ready to spend the rest of her life with him. “But unfortunately, he was looking for the 'perfect' woman,” she said. Everything We've Ever.








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