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Guy best friends quotes

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Here are some of our favourite best friend quotes. Because sometimes you just can't find the words to tell them how brilliant, beautiful, geeky and LOL-worthy they really, really are But how do you put that friendship into tangible words? Thankfully these best friend quotes do all the hard work for you.

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29 best friend quotes that sum up your relationship with your BFF perfectly

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Sign Up. My Account. Privacy Settings. Best Friend Quotes. Please enable Javascript This site requires Javascript to function properly, please enable it. Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. Groucho Marx. Best Man Pet Dog Dark. The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read. Abraham Lincoln.

Best Education Me Man. My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake. Friendship Best Me Man. My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me. Henry Ford. Friendship Best Me Who Friend. Your best friend and worst enemy are both in this room right now. It's not your neighbor right or left - and it's not God or the devil - it's you. Edwin Louis Cole. Best God You Devil. Like a good parent can't also be his child's best friend, a leader with authority requires some separation from subordinates.

Simon Sinek. Best Good Like Friend. I was raised going to the movies with my grandmother as a kid. And then I'd come home, and my best friend and I would act out the films that we saw. Carol Burnett. Best Home Movies Friend. Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth. Beauty Best Education Youth. Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives.

It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we're too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone. Steven Spielberg. Best Walk Technology Busy. We all started playing football against our best friends, and I can't remember a moment where, because it was my best friend, I did not want to win against him.

Jurgen Klopp. Best Moment Football Remember. Top 10 Best Friend Quotes. View the list. I've always had an argument with my best friend that Spider-Man was way better than Batman. I was a massive fan growing up. Tom Holland. Best Better Way Always. I had the Spider-Man costume, I had bed sheets, toys, you name it. Best You Better Name. I was there with my best friend. We shot in Atlanta.

We shot every day and just had an absolute blast. I'm as much a fan as anyone else. Life Best Work You. My dad was my best friend and greatest role model. He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband and friend. Tiger Woods. Best Amazing Soldier Dad. Bob Newhart, who is my best friend, is one of the guys I adore. Don Rickles. Best Who Friend Adore. Though sleep is called our best friend, it is a friend who often keeps us waiting!

Jules Verne. Best Waiting Sleep Who. An incinerator is a writer's best friend. Thornton Wilder. Best Friend Writer. Robert Mapplethorpe, I met in He was a student at Pratt, though even as a student a fully formed artist. We went through many things in our life together. He became my loved one, then my best friend. Patti Smith. Life Best Together Artist.

When a man's best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem. Edward Abbey. Best Man Dog Friend Problem. It was a weird mix of emotions. One day, your best friend could be killed.

The day before, you could be celebrating him getting a brand-new bike. Best You Bike Day. Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend.

Bill Watterson. Friendship Best You Never. I married my best friend that happens to be a girl. Kevin Gates. Best Girl Friend Happens. Katya is literally my flesh and blood. Best friend status. Trixie Mattel. Best Blood Friend Status. I married my best friend. I was still in awe after more than four years of being around her at how smart and strong and loving and caring she was.

And I really hoped that her choosing me and rejecting my advice to pursue her own career was a decision she would never regret. William J. Best Me Regret Decision. I have learned that not diamonds but divorce lawyers are a girl's best friend. Zsa Zsa Gabor. Best Girl Diamonds Friend. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and dogs are a man's best friend. Now you know which sex has more sense. Best You Man Girl.

Guy Best Friend Sayings and Quotes

You love your best friend more than anything, and you want the whole world to know. So whatever your reason, check out our best friend captions for Instagram below. These short best friend captions for Instagram are sweet and simple. This makes them perfect for a fun social media post or even as a caption for customized glassware as a gift for your best friend.

Friends are chosen family, and therefore incredibly valued in each of our lives. Friends are the sisters and brothers we never had, and are by our side in any given situation. We know our friends deserve something phenomenal to celebrate them for a special occasion or to simply brighten their day just because.

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120+ Best Friend Captions For Instagram

There are many types of guys: macho guys, hipster guys, smart guys, nice guys, funny guys, and of course, hot guys. It all depends on — say it with me — what type of guy it is. Note: If the birthday boy happens to be your best friend, you can find many more ideas in this article. For an extra special guy friend wink wink , check out these romantic birthday wishes. Big difference. Looking for more ideas? If you want to give your guy friend a ribbing about his age, consider one of these brutally funny birthday wishes. Happy Birthday to my best guy friend! Hope your day rocks! Best birthday wishes to one of best guys I know!


Friendship quotes to help you tell your best friend how much they mean to you. When you have a best friend in your life, you have someone that is always there to talk, reassure you, tell you straight, and have fun with. Best friends make life more interesting and exciting. There is never a dull moment.

Guy best friend Always remind you that not all guys are the same as your exes. Tum chahat ho meri har chahat se badhkar..

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Best Friend Quotes

Having a boyfriend is obviously fantastic for many reasons. But, there's an undeniable awesomeness that comes with having a truly platonic male best friend. Simply put, unlike a boyfriend, who could potentially end things at any given moment, your male best friend does not have the luxury of calling it quits as soon as the going gets tough. Whether your ass looks absolutely fantastic or like a pancake, your male best friend has no reason to lie to you.

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Here are some of the reasons, why every guy needs, at least, one girl best friend —. There are many times when as boys we cannot exactly figure out where something went wrong and that is exactly when she comes into the picture and fixes that puzzle for you. Source: hercampus. When you need a haircut or a shave, which colour suits you better and what you should wear for the weekend party — there can be no better person to give you this advice. Source: menfitness.

Guy Best Friend Quotes

Top definition. Guy Best Friend unknown. That guy who is always there for you. You guys love each other but can't admit it. You claim you are just friends. You and your guy best friend are made for each other.

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Sometimes, we take for granted the person who is always there beside us. We get so used by their presence that we do not realize that we have been looking at love all along. The moment we realize that we are in love with our best friend, there would be no sparks, just a recognition of the warm feeling melting inside of us, like finally, we have found the home for our heart.

Birthday Wishes for Male Friends | Happy Birthday for a Guy

Everyone needs a best friend regardless of how anti-social or independent they say they are. Male friendships are also rewarding. Remind your male best bud how awesome he is with the wise and humorous guy best friend quotes below. The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.

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