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My future husband quiz playbuzz

Your significant other is caught drinking at a bar with a co-worker of the opposite gender. Your spouse should be stubborn and hard-headed. Naturally, you'll fight, but thats healthy in a relationship and you know how to hold your ground. Your independence will be matched by theirs. You need a spouse that will protect you at all costs, even though you may not always need it. Your spouse will need to be sweet and understanding.

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What will your future husband look like?

You got Captain Hook! The pirate was driven by the thought of revenge on 'The Crocodile' Rumpelstiltskin for cutting off his hand for years. That is, until he fell in love and began to change his selfish ways and started to become a hero! That means you must be something for you to have changed this cunning pirate! You've got Prince Charming! David Charming is perhaps, the most loyal spouse you could ever ask for. The handsome prince will always find his way back to you.

David would do anything to protect the people he loves and even the ones he doesn't. Although, the prince is a true hero he also has a dark side, but then again doesn't everyone?

Overall, you're one lucky lady to be wed to this charming prince. You got Robin Hood! Robin is about as kind as it gets. Sure' he is a thief but he's not selfish. All his proceeds go to the poor and down traughted. Robin is very family oriented and believes that absolutely anyone can find happiness. However, robin comes with a code, a code he feels he must always follow, so you have to learn to take him for what he is, a man who lives by a code. Be glad you're you because Robin Hood will make an amazing husband.

You got Rumpelstiltskin A. A 'The Dark One'. Rumpel is the darkest man ever known. Rumpel like all villains has a broken past his father left him as a child and he left his only beloved son for power. Rumpel tries to make himself a happy ending with his son and true love still making fatal mistakes along the way. Think your up to the challenge of making this dark man a hero with your love? You got Henry A. A 'The True Believer'. And yes Henry is only 13 but you will never find anyone more devoted than him.

Henry believes fiercely in all the people he loves even his evil second mom. Henry would never abandon you and no matter what choices you make he would support and believe in you.

He may be just a boy but Henry will be the best husband for you one day. You got Peter Pan! You might be thinking 'Yes! I got Peter Pan! Peter is full of secrets and hides out of fear. You don't want to mess with him. But if we've learned anything about light and darkness in OUAT it is that villains have some light and heroes have some darkness. Let's just hope you're special enough to bring out the light in this boy. Which of these OUAT men is your future husband?

Created by Isabella Miller. Pick your choice weapon. Dark Magic. Other People. Which of these personality traits do you think you could overlook? Living by a code. Which of these is most important to you? Good Looks. Earth, Air, Fire, or Water? Which of these stereotype boys are you most attracted to?

The Bad Boy. The popular one with more to him than meets the eye. The annoying one that eventually wins you over because there's more to him than you thought. The boy next door. The Country Boy. Eyes, Smile, Hair, or Body? Where would you rather live? Anywhere I have power. The Enchanted Forest. On a ship. Which of these is your favorite Disney Princess? Snow White. Yin or Yang? How many kids do you want? Over 2. I haven't thought about it yet.

Who are you hoping your result will be? Captain Hook. Peter Pan. Robin Hood. Prince Charming. Captain Hook Colin O'Donoghue. Prince Charming Joshua Dallas. Robin Hood Sean Maguire. Rumpelstiltskin Robert Carlyle.

Henry Jared Gilmore. Peter Pan Robbie Kay. Facebook Comments.

What country should your future husband be from?

He's tall dark, handsome, and speaks one of the world's older romance languages. You got a romantic Spanish man. Plus he probably loves football and that's always a bonus! The blonde-haired blue eyed one of the mix. Your fair-skinned husband might burn easily, but he'll know the power of sunscreen and will always look out for your children's skin.

We will show you exact details about your future husband in 10 questions "I noticed that the dishes wasn't washed so i just washed them" - no man EVER. Created by A. Which is the best: West coast vs East coast?

You have liked him for so long and now you two are together! You could not have asked for someone better. His name even means little king, so that must make you a little princess. Chris is funny, nice, and definitely weird. This goofball loves you and you love him!

Which Country Will Your Future Husband Be From?

You got Bill! Bill is a sweet, affectionate guy who may not smile in pictures, but in the inside, if very jolly! He has a great job as an artist, and a house! All you have to do is marry him! He loves you very much! You met while working on an assignment for college at the coffee shop. You got the goof, Trenton! Trenton is definitely a goof who loves to put his arm around you while watching movies, and will crack a joke quite often! Though he's always goofing off, he's extremely protective of you! You met at the movies, after hearing his soft chuckles at a movie.

Which OUAT Man Is Your Future Husband?

Your future spouse won't exactly be easy to read, but then again, you like a good mystery. Be careful, though, because their cool outer layer may hide open wounds. Try not to get frustrated with them. They'll need your support to open up.

You got Captain Hook!

The name Ben is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Ben is: Son of my right hand. The name Steve is an American baby name.

We will show you exact details about your future husband in 10 questions

You had a full-on investigation about your date via social media. He tells you something about his sister, which you obviously know about, your response Your future husband is sexy, smart, sarcastic, a little bit selfish but he plays the Saxophone and that's major. Oh, by the way, he's not Shawn Mendes.

Your future husband is waiting for you in China! Land of ancient traditions and You resonate with the culture there and appreciate a man who is honest and wholly committed to you. Your future husband currently resides in England, land of tea and We're not saying he's gonna be a bonafide prince, be he will have a pretty cute accent.

Who is your future husband

You love a man that is driven and hard working. After months of harmless office flirting, you're finally ready to take it to the next level! You are very passionate about your work and are extremely goal oriented. You meet your soul mate in one of your classes or maybe on campus! You love to have fun and let loose! A cute boy across the bar hits on you and the rest is history! Your friends always know whats best!

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You are wild, like to party and live life to fullest, you like rich guys and don't care if they are too busy for you! You are really sweet and don't care how the guys look, you just care about their personality and you don't want a lot of attention! Let's start! Created by Michelle Weaver.







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