Getting There

Please walk, bike, or carpool if you can!

Rudolf Steiner High School (2230 Pontiac Trail) on a Google Map.

    • Bus: A bus adventure is the perfect way to compliment a day of low-energy skills! The AATA Bus #1 leaves Blake Transit Center downtown once an hour and takes you directly to the school! It also picks up at the school on the hour going back in the downtown direction. See bus #1 schedule here. You will find information for both to/from downtown, and be sure to read the SUNDAY portion of the schedule, since it differs from weekday service!
    • Bike: bike parking abounds!


    • Your awesome self
    • Items for particular sessions: Read up on the sessions you would like to attend to see if they recommend bringing anything — such socks to darn, clothes to mend, or a little plate for sampling vegan food.
    • Adequate clothing for outdoor sessions: Thinking about going to one of the outdoor adventures? Be sure to bring good boots and adequate clothing!
    • Food: Snacks and lunch will be available for sale in the commons from the RSHS 12th grade class, but if you have special diet needs or desires, you may want to bring your own grub.
    • Plates, cutlery, mugs: If possible, bring reusable things to eat on and things to eat with to further help us go Zero Waste.
    • And maybe a little bit of cash: Some sessions may cost a little bit of money for materials, a fee that will be collected by the presenters.  All sessions with such a fee are marked on the schedule and detailed in the session post.  Also, food is available for purchase, and proceeds go toward the 12th grade class.
    • Clean and reusable items for donation: Anything you would like to donate to the Freecycle. (We will have a table set up for clothing donations and scavenging! All left-over items will be dropped off for donation.)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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