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These are the bad boys of K-pop! They tread off the beaten path and go for a public image that's a little rough around edges, in the best way possible. So what are the elements that go into a "bad boy of K-pop"? Think tattoos, a penchant for streetwear and most importantly, a whole lot of swag.


Top 20 Most Handsome KPOP Idol [2020]

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When year-old K-pop star Yang Joon-il performs onstage, he slays. Sporting an oversize, printed jacket over a sleeveless black jumpsuit, he jumps in the air, dances on a chair, flips a fedora onto his head with a slight turn of hand, and seamlessly grabs a microphone. With his milky complexion and glowing skin , he looks beautiful — the epitome of a K-pop star.

But this is , and South Korea has yet to evolve. This display of flamboyance, of outward beauty, is so offensive, audiences hiss and boo. Some even throw food at him. His aesthetics and feminine mannerisms were so controversial, he claims, the government refused to renew his visa.

Eventually, his career faded away. Fast-forward almost three decades later, and it's almost unthinkable that Korean men like Yang would be treated with such vitriol. South Korea has since become the epicenter of beauty, and K-pop men are now synonymous with cosmetics. Under that figure, South Korean men are the number one male consumers of beauty per capita.

Additionally, a Global Data report found that three-quarters of Korean men receive beauty treatments at least once per week. Today's Korean man looks completely different than he did three decades ago. But how did South Korea progress so quickly? And how did Korean culture at large, once performatively hypermasculine, evolve into an arbiter of cosmetics equality? According to Edward Kang , who was a music producer in Korea and is now a Ph. And it starts at a very young age.

According to Professor Chuyun Oh , a dance theorist at San Diego State University, who cowrote the research paper "Unmasking Queerness: Blurring and Solidifying Queer Lines Through K-pop Cross-Dressing," Korean pop stars endure the same pressures, but these pressures are amplified because they are now international celebrities.

When K-pop's first-ever band group, Seo Taiji and Boys , debuted, in , they consciously differentiated themselves by adopting hip-hop music and a Western style of dress. It was controversial and got them banned from telecasts, but their uniqueness catapulted them to stardom. The same thing happened with the introduction of first-generation idol group, H. Now a cofounder of the crowdsourced opinion search engine, Qoop , Kim says he's been intrigued by how every decade has produced more beautified K-pop men.

Yang Huiyeon , makeup artist to K-pop idol groups like Pentagon, agrees: Thanks to the dawn of the internet and more access to videos, K-pop stars had to put more effort into their aesthetics. But it became a decade of rapid change, she says. Kevin Woo , a former member of the popular second-generation idol group U-KISS, says that understanding Korean masculinity was a culture shock.

By the time the San Francisco native arrived in Seoul to join the group, in , men were already wearing BB cream. In contrast, Korean male celebrities were almost the opposite. The ideal Korean man was more on the feminine side, had a slim figure, and put makeup on. Woo describes the makeup he and U-KISS wore as heavy with eyeliner and thick with foundation and contouring.

We wore lots of accessories and sometimes looked like we were straight out of an anime," he says. The year-old singer made international headlines when he came out, in For the solo singer, makeup allowed him to find the courage to become more of himself. Through makeup, I am able to clearly emphasize myself.

He goes on to clarify that in Korea, makeup has no gender or sexuality. That notion is now omnipresent, with the biggest heartthrobs in the world readily painting their faces. The members of BTS are a great example of being unabashed in wearing bright eye shadows, pastel-colored hairstyles, and taking care of their complexions.

They prove that makeup only enhances one's confidence, which seems to be what masculinity is all about. The same rings true for Woo. You can follow Allure on Instagram and Twitter , or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on all things beauty.

Read more. Keywords k-beauty k-pop masculinity identity gender identity makeup skin care feminine men and beauty.

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Jung il-woo 6. Choose your favourite Famous Kpop Group one and vote for him! Hoshi have a lot of fan in kr too. She debuted in as a member of South Korean girl group Wonder Girls and left the group in January to pursue an academic career.

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Choose your favourite one and vote for him! If your favourite K-Pop Male Idol is not take place in our list, we can add him according to your comments above our post. You can vote only once in 24 hours. Who are your favorite K-Pop Boy Bands?

Top 35 Most Handsome K-POP Idols Without Makeup and Surgery

Tags: bigbang bts exo got7 hottest idols male idols shinee. I've been seeing so many different opinions or this, but without being biased, who are the hottest male idols of all times based on their physical appearance only? I personally have a hard time to see most male idols of this generation as 'sexy' because they still don't look as mature, but there's EXO's Kai and there's GOT7's JB who look quite masculine and mature compared to other idols so what is your opinion on it? By hottest I don't mean proportionate, beautiful faces, because they can be very handsome and attractive, but more on the cute side I like a lot of ones who are on the cuter side too. Who in your opinion is more on the sexier side? Kaikat , userkth and joshuaology like this. Everyone in Dbsk.

What K-Pop’s Beautiful Men Can Teach Us About Masculinity

From a straight males perspective and with no bias at all, i wanted to list 10 male idols i personally find to be very good looking, I'll try keep it varied. And just for this thread i checked out a lot of 3rd Gen bgs and most of them still have baby faces they will mature better but none stood out over the older visuals only NCT, sorry i really tried to find visuals that stood out but i could only find a bunch of 8's. So, in no particular order. Winner Jinwoo I find him the best looking out of ikon and winner, he may not be a 10 but hes definitely over an 8 i wonder why he isn't more popular. He looks more like an sm or jyp idol tho.

Most of the men of K-pop share similar traits: perfect complexions almost always with the aid of makeup , chiseled faces often with the aid of plastic surgery , and an image that is steamy-yet-conservative. Still, the genre's heartthrobs run the gamut from impossibly ripped to androgynous.

Stylists have a very important role in perfecting the idols with makeup, they must give a touch that fits their idol style, especially on their face. Many stylists are not suitable at creating the right style for idols, causing some idols to look strange. There are also idols who already look handsome without using makeup at all.

Top 10 Hottest Male K-pop Idols 2020

Diana has been writing on Spinditty for over 3 years. She is a K-pop enthusiast with a deep love for Korean culture. Korea is blessed with so many talented musical groups.

Skip navigation! Story from Entertainment. Natalie Morin. All in their twenties, Monsta X are wearing dramatic red and black prints , some in billowy button-up shirts, and all in tight, black leather pants. Their skin is rendered flawless with foundation, and their smokey eyes and lip tints glisten under the studio lights. Marciano is polite and friendly, but acts like an awkward dad, flashing peace signs here and there, not seeming to understand the massive appeal of one of the biggest bands in the world.

14 Of K-Pop’s Manliest Men Who Will Make You Thirsty AF

The year is nearly out and that means it's time for the only list that really matters: the hottest male K-pop celebs of ! We won't waste your time with words, just feast your eyes on 's 28 most handsome male K-pop idols right here in no particular order and try not to look away! Tag a K-pop friend and tell us if your fave made the cut! SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. Signout Sign in Create an account.

Mar 22, - K-pop fans, it's time to vote for the hottest guys in Kpop! Featuring the best looking Kpop idols, cutest maknaes, and the sexiest men in Kpop.

Every single one of us is a remarkable animal. The K-pop symbols considered having a breathtaking way of life. Presumably, they are in the spotlight constantly encompassed by the general population and media. There are many individuals on the planet who enjoys the pop melodies.

The Most Handsome K-Pop Male Idols 2019

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Smoking! 28 hottest male K-pop idols of 2017

Who do you think is the most handsome KPOP idol? Jaemin NCT Dream. Juyeon The Boyz. Wonwoo Seventeen.

Feel free to comment below! No soy una persona que siga fans ni nada pero el es simplemente esepcional.

When year-old K-pop star Yang Joon-il performs onstage, he slays. Sporting an oversize, printed jacket over a sleeveless black jumpsuit, he jumps in the air, dances on a chair, flips a fedora onto his head with a slight turn of hand, and seamlessly grabs a microphone. With his milky complexion and glowing skin , he looks beautiful — the epitome of a K-pop star. But this is , and South Korea has yet to evolve. This display of flamboyance, of outward beauty, is so offensive, audiences hiss and boo.



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