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Girl meets world fanfiction riley depressed

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Alright here's chapter one of the girl meets world fanfic I promised yall. I shut my laptop and walked over to my window, it was about that time of the day again. I saw her blond hair long before she made it to my fire escape, but I smiled at her in mock surprise nevertheless. It was our routine after all.

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Girl meets Perception a GMW fanfiction

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Hey everyone, sorry for not posting anything for my other stories for a while but I'll try to update within this week. This is story is slightly darker than my other ones because I was feeling a little depressed so I started writing this. I hope you guys like it. Don't forget to Favourite and Review. Maya had left without knowing that I was only pretending to be asleep, but then everyone never knew I had been pretending for these past few months.

Mom even came in and left without noticing. It's just unimaginable, and yet, her I am going through it now. I know mom wanted to tell me it's time for dinner, in fact I can hear them laughing as they eat. I contemplate on joining them but then I heard mom say, "You're like the daughter I never had, my strong amazon warrior, Maya. Even though everyone thinks that the bully has stopped, she hasn't.

I know it's a she because one of the messages said, "Lucas doesn't deserve some useless girl like you, he deserves someone better like me who can give him everything he wants. Their laughter is making me nauseous. I don't think anyone would realize I'm gone if I went somewhere.

Maybe I should. I stuff my pillows under my blanket, just incase, and take an extra one from my closet with me. My inner demons said I shouldn't but I don't listen and earn myself a blow to my stomach. I quietly go up the fire escape and onto the rooftop. I have to find a new spot up there where no one can find me.

I finally find a spot near the edge where I can see the busy streets and the stars clearly. Maybe they're going off. I cuddle into my blanket and cry myself to sleep like I have been doing for months. I haven't had a sleepover with Maya for a longtime for that reason but she has also never asked to have one. The cold early autumn breeze blows onto my face and I pull the blanket around myself tighter.

I'm a useless, good for nothing, overweight, stupid girl. I can't do anything right at all. As I sleep, my demons haunt and taunt me. Each dream- no, nightmare- starts of as a usual day with my family, friends or both. Then they would start pointing and laughing at me, saying things the bully and my demons have been saying to me.

After months of having the same dream over and over again, I'd thought I'd be used to it but I guess I was wrong. It keeps getting worse every night. Tonight, they were even wilder. They started to slice my skin off, revealing white flesh stained with crimson red blood. I want to scream but I know I deserve this because I'm good for nothing. I'm nothing. I'm a nobody. I awake just as I see the sun rise, but clouds soon start to cover it. I know it's going to start raining soon but I don't care.

If I get sick, maybe I'll die from hypothermia and no one will have to deal with me anymore. I'm just a waste of space. The rain quickly starts to pour. I feel the droplets on my bare skin and soaking into my blanket and clothes but I don't mind. I deserve it. I lay myself back down as the rain continues to pelt my pajama clad body with cold raindrops.

I close my eyes and feel the clothes clinging tightly onto me. I look at the clock on the building in front of me and realize it's only eight in the morning. I close my eyes again and feel myself drifting out of consciousness. I wake up again at twelve in the afternoon. The sky is cloudy but it has stopped raining. I sit up for a while and my stomach grumbles. I realize I hadn't eaten anything since lunch at school yesterday. I doubt anyone realizes though.

I continue to just sit there. Shivers will flow through me every once in a while and with each one, I feel the demons piercing my chest. I start to cry again, knowing that no one is probably even looking for me.

As the tears start flowing, the rain starts again. My salty tears mix with the slightly acidic raindrops. I decide to get up although my bones were in a loud protest since I had been in the same position for a long time. I start to dance. I danced to the pounding in my head.

Each movement earned me piercings in my lungs and slices to my sides. I try to dance everything away but they keep getting stronger. Finally, I drop to the floor in exhaustion. By now, my head is spinning, I can't breathe and my whole body aches like crazy. You deserve every little bit of it and you know it. If it weren't for me, Maya would be able to have her full potential. If it weren't for me, Lucas wouldn't have to choose between Maya and I. If it weren't for me, Katy might actually be able to spend more time with Maya.

It's all my fault. My head hurts too much to think right now. I can't see straight or even concentrate to know where I am on the roof. I drag my aching self and try to find my spot where no one can find me. I'm not even sure if I made it there before a strong cough pushed me down and I saw blood from the cough onto my hands.

As I lay down again, seeing that I couldn't get up anymore, I looked to the dark sky and said a soft goodbye. I then felt everything leave me. My strength, my will to live, my thoughts, hopes and dreams, and my last breath.

As soon as the Matthews came back after lunch, they saw that they're apartment was completely as they left it. The note that they had left for Riley was untouched.

The warm pancakes now cold and the apartment was silent. She must've caught a bug. Auggie went to watch tv since Mr. Googly was on and the two parents quietly went into their daughter's room. She approached the bed and tried to shake her awake. Wondering why she was so soft, she pulled the blankets away only to be face to face with stacks of pillows. Gasps escaped the parents' lips and they quickly called someone who knew they're daughter almost as well as they did.

In no more than five minutes, Maya was there, along with Lucas and Farkle. All of them were in tears. Auggie had been sent to Ava's so he wouldn't find out. She could've gone there earlier to watch the sunrise and got caught in the rain so she didn't come down yet. We're all worried and it's not doing any of us any good by just talking around over here. I want to find my princess. His glare wasn't like his usual one since he was too worried.

They all agreed and then buttoned their coats before getting their umbrellas seeing that it was threatening to rain again. They walked up the stairs to the roof. What they saw when they opened the door, shocked them. Maya fainted at the sight while Topanga sobbed onto her husband's shirt.

The guys stood there with their mouths agape. In front of them lay Riley Matthews, skin as pale as snow, lips chapped, purple and bleeding. The first one to react was Lucas. He immediately ran next to the deathly pale girl and encased her small but tall stature in his arms.

Girl Meets World: The High School Years (Fanfic Idea)

Riley Matthews was a ray of sunshine and always found a reason to smile. She was happy and she was filled with hope that everything will always turn out ok. But the key word is 'was'. Riley hasn't been happy for years.

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting anything for my other stories for a while but I'll try to update within this week. This is story is slightly darker than my other ones because I was feeling a little depressed so I started writing this. I hope you guys like it.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. All it took for a committee that wanted to stunt her, for Riley to take charge of her own destiny

This is a fanfiction idea I had about Girl Meets World. Feedback is appreciated. It can be read here. Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle start their first day of High School, but Maya is conflicted when she gets the opportunity to join an art school in France. Lucas, Riley and Farkle join different extra curricular activities; Riley cheerleading, Lucas basketball and Farkle the French club. Maya signs up for the student talent show, with hopes of impressing Josh Uriah Shelton with her musical side. However, when Josh tells Maya she's too young for him, she begins to lose all hope when it comes to romance. Farkle's newest invention of 'Super Glue' goes awry when he accidentally glues himself to Lucas. Zay Amir Mitchell Townes decides to help Riley find her talent when she's certain she doesn't have one. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.





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After Riley's poem troubles a lot of the students, many begin to wonder if Riley is suffering from a form of depression. Despite Riley telling everyone she's fine, she.








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