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You look at me with such disdain

To save this word, you'll need to log in. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'disdain. Send us feedback. See more words from the same century Dictionary Entries near disdain discussion of heirs discussive disc weeder disdain disdainer disdainful disdiapason.

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Eva Green: Vesper Lynd

This selection of love poems offered is not by any means comprehensive or all inclusive - for how could it be? However an attempt has been made to include mostly poems which show the joyous side of love, rather than its more tortured elements, since that is what is important for Valentine lovers.

Readers are welcome to use any material found here for private Valentine messages, but for all other uses it is important to remember that copyright restrictions apply. Please refer to the Oxquarry Books Ltd home page.

Shakespeare's sonnets are not given here, as they are readily available on the main site. For those desirous of a quick selection I suggest Nos 18 , 23 , 31 , 46 , 53 , 61 , 75 , 91 , 98 , , , The poems are not in chronological order. After the first two, which are intended to set the tone, follow some previously unpublished ones. Then a fairly catholic selection from all places and times. Readers will have to make the effort of reading and browsing until they find what they want. Only a small task for the determined lover.

Western wind, when wilt thou blow That the small rain down can rain? Christ, that my love were in my arms And I in my bed again. True love is a durable fire, In the mind ever burning, Never sick, never dead, never cold, From itself never turning. F rom an anonymous poem of the 16th.

More is given in the commentary to Sonnet If I should think of love I'd think of you, your arms uplifted, Tying your hair in plaits above, The lyre shape of your arms and shoulders, The soft curve of your winding head. No melody is sweeter, nor could Orpheus So have bewitched.

I think of this, And all my universe becomes perfection. But were you in my arms, dear love, The happiness would take my breath away, No thought could match that ecstasy, No song encompass it, no other worlds. If I should think of love, I'd think of you. Of all my loves this is the first and last That in the autumn of my years has grown, A secret fern, a violet in the grass, A final leaf where all the rest are gone.

Would that I could give all and more, my life, My world, my thoughts, my arms, my breath, my future, My love eternal, endless, infinite, yet brief, As all loves are and hopes, though they endure. The above sonnet is one of a set of If you wish to see the others, please click here.

Shy love, I think of you As the morning air brushes the window pane, And how much time of all it takes to know The movement of your arm, the steps you take, The curves along your head, your ears, your hair.

Sometimes I think Our heads might be enclosed Closer together upon the pillow's space, And how into the dark deeps of your eyes I'd look and think of angels. Then your breath And all the aura of your body's breathing Intoxicatedly would overwhelm me And I would die. If happiness were like The flowers of June then I would take The best of them, roses and columbine, The lilies, and bind them in your hair. They are not more beautiful but they add Meaning to my love. For all our words Are short and lame of breath and stumble, And you surpass them though I know not why.

That night we lay on the dark brown carpet and you told me that expected thing I closed my eyes and tried to do the soft and mutable equation of what we do and what we promise to do and I just couldn't think for the sound of strange doors opening and old ones closing.

You know I'm not good with figures even when the world is still and calm. But now I will answer you as best I can: and the feeling was without a name like the true colour of light before it is fractured and labelled containing simply everything in the known and unknown spectra of my life.

We rehearse our dreams before we dream them and it has the mystifying smell of strange flowers. We are the oceans we are the shores we allow desires, they rise and fall dreams outlive dreams as we solicit the solitude of the moon.

O come, my life's delight! Let me not in languour pine! Love loves no delay; thy sight, The more delayed, the more divine! O come, and take from me The pain of being deprived of thee!

Thou all sweetness dost enclose! Like a little world of bliss: Beauty guards thy looks. The rose In them, pure and eternal is. Come then! Shall I come, sweet love! Shall I not excluded be? Will you find no feigned let?

Do not mock me in thy bed! While these cold nights freeze me dead. I can tell you how it rains on a summer day and make you feel it fall on your window pane-- I--your woman, a poet--have such powers. I can write for you alone, on a wordless universe and make you feel my god, to whom I can belong more than once-- I -- your woman , a poet -- can make you immortal with a song.

But rather restore it mannerly, Since that I do ask it thus honestly ; For to lose it, it sitteth me too near; Help me to seek. Alas and is there no remedy? But have I thus lost it wilfully? I wis it was a thing all too dear To be bestowed, and wist not where : It was mine heart, I pray you heartily Help me to seek. Come live with me and be my love, And we will all the pleasures prove That hills and valleys, dales and fields, Or woods or steepy mountain yields. And we will sit upon the rocks, And see the shepherds feed their flocks By shallow rivers, to whose falls Melodious birds sing madrigals.

And I will make thee beds of roses And a thousand fragrant posies; A cap of flowers and a kirtle Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle.

A belt of straw and ivy buds With coral clasps and amber studs: And if these pleasures may thee move, Come live with me and be my love. The shepherd swains shall dance and sing For thy delight each May morning. If these delights thy mind may move, Then live with me and be my love. O Mistress mine, where are you roaming? What is love? From Twelfth Night Act 2 Scene 3. Steadfast of thought, Well made, well wrought, Far may be sought Ere that ye can find So courteous, so kind As merry Margaret, This midsummer flower, Gentle as falcon Or hawk of the tower.

Whenas in silks my Julia goes, Then, then, methinks, how sweetly flows The liquefaction of her clothes! Next, when I cast mine eyes and see That brave vibration each way free Oh how that glittering taketh me.

Why I tie about thy wrist, Julia, this silken twist, For what other reason is't But to show thee how, in part, Thou my pretty captive art? But thy bond slave is my heart. Love makes those young whom age doth chill, And whom he finds young keeps young still. The Blessed, that immortal be, From change in love are only free.

Were it not madness to deny To live because we're sure to die? O Rose Adair! O lovely Rose Adair. Give all to love; Obey thy heart; Friends, kindred, days, Estate, good fame, Plans, credit, and the Muse - Nothing refuse. Follow it utterly, Hope beyond hope. High and more high, It dives into noon, With wings unspent, Untold intent. But it is a god, Knows its own path And the outlets of the sky. It was never for the mean, It requireth courage stout, Souls above doubt, Valour unbending, Such 'twill reward: They will return More than they were, And ever ascending.

Leave all for love: Yet hear me yet, One word more thy heart behoved, One pulse more of firm endeavour: Keep thee today, Tomorrow, for ever, Free as an Arab Of thy beloved. Cling with life to the maid, But when the surprise First vague shadow of surmise Flits across her bosom young, Of a joy apart from thee, Free be she, fancy free; Nor thou detain her vesture's hem.

Nor the palest rose she flung From her summer diadem. Though thou loved her as thyself, As a self of purer clay; Though her parting dims the day, Stealing grace from all alive, Heartily know, When half-gods go The gods arrive.

I am here Inezilda, I am her 'neath your room. All wrapped is Sevilla In mists and in gloom. With my cloak close around me, And more bolder than doom, My guitar and my bright sword Shine out 'neath your room.

Do you sleep? With my songs I will sing you awake. If the old man should stumble here, Then my rapier I'll slake. These soft silken nooses To your balcony tie. Why delay, why be clumsy - Is a rival nearby? All shrouded is Sevilla In mists and in gloom.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

I love thee freely, as men strive for right; I love thee purely, as they turn from praise. If seas were infinite, my love would be Yet greater still and more profound; If roads led to eternity Even there it would be found. Stars, sunshine, the night, the day Are images of something better, But words, thoughts, fire, water and clay Can never my true love fetter. Laugh then, and be yourself, but give Me, my dear sweet, one kiss - The gods that on Olympus live Have never known such bliss.

Disdain Meaning

This selection of love poems offered is not by any means comprehensive or all inclusive - for how could it be? However an attempt has been made to include mostly poems which show the joyous side of love, rather than its more tortured elements, since that is what is important for Valentine lovers. Readers are welcome to use any material found here for private Valentine messages, but for all other uses it is important to remember that copyright restrictions apply. Please refer to the Oxquarry Books Ltd home page.

Daphne Donovan returns home to lick her wounds and figure out how to fix her life. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out: being an uber-brilliant Doogie Howser has made her life miserable while all the normal people she knows are happy and content.

James Bond : About you, Miss Lynd? Well, your beauty's a problem. You worry you won't be taken seriously. Vesper Lynd : Which one can say of any attractive woman with half a brain.

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In a culture that worships celebrities while pretending to disdain them, the Sony emails are catnip for the masses. It was associated with government heavy-handedness and viewed with disdain. In the immediate aftermath of the oil spill, apoplectic Southerners cast their disdain towards the North. Many critics have disdain precisely for this strange messiness of his, this showmanship that dares to create a new order. I begin now to comprehend your disdain of customs which impose chains so idly galling on the liberty of our sex. Twas as if the flood of her joy had swept away all hardness and disdain. He saw that disdain , that it was shallow and streaked with ebony. If such terms were habitually used regarding mechanics, we might learn to regard masons and carpenters with disdain.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! She expressed disdain at the adulation the industry gives to beauty over talent. More than one church attendee went beyond polite disdain and glared to the point of hostility. Apt to minimize difficulties, to search for the common ground of unity in opponents, he turned aside, with a disdain which superficial critics often mistook for indifference, from the base, the violent and the common.

Ellie is the youngest of four.

Disdain is also a type of disliking. To be specific, distain is a very strong kind of disliking. Disdain can be a noun and a verb. As a noun, disdain is a feeling you might have toward something you deem unworthy—it implies not only disliking but also a lack of respect.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. What is a single word in English which means to look down on others due to their younger age, lower socio-economic position, lesser experience, etc. Not look down upon everyone else in general, but look down upon some particular person due to a feeling of superiority of oneself over them this superiority may come from the fact that one feels has more money, talent, etc?

Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Bram Stoker. This meticulously edited collection contains complete works by writer Bram Stoker, the pioneer in vampire fiction and the author of the novel Dracula. The edition includes all other supernatural horrors and gothic novels, as well as occult and supernatural short stories. Stoker spent several years researching European folklore and mythological stories of vampires.


Hold! hear Bertuccio—W hat! are you appali'd to see A lone, unguarded, weaponless old man Amongst you? I disdain to speak. ashamed of that mad moment's impulse, And droop their heads; believe me, they are such Hold! hold! You see me here, As one of you hath said, an old, unarm'd, - Defenceless man; and  George Noël Gordon Byron (Baron Byron), ‎John Galt -








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