Learn to make kimchi

6 – 8:30pm, Saturday, September 24th  2016

Northside Community Center 

809 Taylor St., Ann Arbor, MI 48105

6pm ~ Skill Share ~ Have you ever wanted to make your own kimchi! You can! Join Connie Chang who will show you how to make instant kimchi and traditional kimchi. What is kimchi? It is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of with spiced cabbage and vegetables. Fermenting vegetables is a great way to preserve extra vegetables from your garden. Plus, fermented foods contain probiotics that to keep your gut healthy! You will get a chance to taste test instant kimchi and take some home to let it finish fermenting.https://food52.com/blog/5468-making-your-own-kimchi

7pm ~ Potluck ~ Bring a dish to pass (seasonal ingredients if possible!) & washable plate/cup/fork, and try the kimchi you just made!


Free, but donations greatly appreciated to help us cover our costs!


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Tour a local seed farm!

2 – 4pm, Sunday, September 18th  2016

2707 Tessmer, Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Curious about seed saving?

Interested in a tour of a local vegetable farm?

Excited to discuss techniques for growing food organically while building soil?

Join Eric Kampe, co-owner of Ann Arbor Seed Company, on a tour of a local seed farm. seedfarmWalk the farm and talk with Eric about farming for saving seeds! See seed saving in action with a live demonstration of seed saving techniques and equipment based on what activities are appropriate on the day of the tour. Dress for the outside and uneven footing.

Space is limited for this skillshare, please RSVP by September 16 at:


Free, but donations greatly appreciated to help us cover our costs!


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Backyard Foraging – August SkillShare

7 – 8 pm, Thursday, August 11th 2016

@ Linda’s home garden  

1202 Edgewood Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48103


There’s a wealth of nutritiousness and deliciousness growing wild in your backyard.  We call them weeds, but they are a vastly underappreciated food source.  Visit reskilling member Linda Wan’s backyard and get introduced to some of her favorite edible weeds.foraged salad with labels

They’re probably growing right in your very own yard, too! At the end of the session, Linda will let you sample a few of her own homemade weed delicacies!


Free, but donations greatly appreciated to help us cover our costs


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Making your yard safe for bees

Friday, July 15th 2016

Northside Community Center,
809 Taylor St, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

6:30pm POTLUCK: If you can make it to the potluck, please bring a washable plate/cup/fork

7:30 SKILLSHARE:  Bee Safe Neighborhood Certification

Want to help bees?  Help Ann Arbor achieve “Bee City USA” status!  Learn how with beekeeper Eileen Dickinson, Bee Safe Neighborhood Coordinator with Living Systems Institute.  We will discuss:

  1. How to have a great looking yard without chemicals that hurt bees.
  2. Which plants bees love best.
  3. How you can help your neighborhood become certified as a “Bee Safe Neighborhood.”

If you’ve already created a bee-friendly yard, come and share how you’ve done it, and/or how you’ve helped your neighbors to be OK with your “more sustainable” yard!


Sponsored in collaboration with the annual River Hop weekend of events: www.riverhop.org  July 15th-17th.

Free, but donations greatly appreciated to help us cover costs

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Join our friends for a Biochar Demonstration!

Sunday, May 22nd  1:00 – 5:00 pm

@ Doug Moore’s Farm  

53353 Nine Mile Rd., South Lyon, MI 49013

Doug: 248-486-8420 or 313-737-6651; Karl: 810-241-5240

Join Doug Moore and Karl Kaufman at Doug’s farm in South Lyon, Michigan for a low-tech biochar production demonstration. Biochar is charcoal from biomass, which effectively sequesters carbon for hundreds to thousands of years. We will utilize the Hawaiian pit pyrolysis technique popularized by Josiah Hunt. Local wood and biomass will be converted to char, and participants will take a bag of Biochar home to experiment with. Techniques to “charge” the biochar with nutrients, and the value of carbon sequestration will also be discussed. Handouts describing the process and associated information will be provided.

pit pyrolysis

Biochar has been held up as part of a sustainable solution to climate change, by sequestering carbon and preventing its return to the atmosphere as greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Biochar has also been documented to improve soil fertility by increasing resident soil carbon with resultant improved microbiological populations. This further amplifies carbon sequestration, as well as improving moisture and nutrient retention. The deep prairie soils of the Midwest, and the man-made Terra Preta soils in the Amazon are a result of char.

Donation $10, to be shared with Ann Arbor Reskilling


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May 15th: Establishing A Rain Garden

Sunday, May 15th, 6 – 8:30 pm

@ Northside Community Center, 809 Taylor St, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Free, but donations greatly appreciated to help us cover our costs!

6:00 POTLUCK ~ Bring a dish to pass & washable plate/cup/fork


Establishing A Rain Garden: Clean up the Huron River, One Garden at a Time

222Planting a rain garden is a fun way for people to make a difference in the quality of the water in our rivers, lakes, and streams, starting in our own backyard. You don’t need any special equipment – just some space, a spade, compost, and a few plants. This talk covers the benefits of Rain Gardens and how to build and plant one.


Susan Bryan is the Rain Garden Coordinator for the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office, working with plants and people to protect the water quality in the Huron River. She has designed many residential gardens, rain gardens, and bio-infiltration areas. She is a past president of Wild Ones, has a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Michigan, and is an Advanced Master Gardener in Washtenaw County.



Roger Moon is a Master Rain Gardener, trained in the Washtenaw County program, with four rain gardens on his property. He has given numerous talks on rain gardens, media appearances, and designed six rain gardens himself. Roger has adopted rain gardens in Huron Hills and Gallup parks, and takes care of them throughout the year. Roger received the Washtenaw County Rain Garden Leadership Award in Education in 2015.

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April 16th : Intentional Community for Sustainability

Saturday, April 16th, 6 – 8:30 pm

@ Northside Community Center, 809 Taylor St, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Free, but donations greatly appreciated to help us cover our costs!

6:00 POTLUCK ~ Bring a dish to pass & washable plate/cup/fork


Michigan Ecovillage: An Intentional Community for Sustainability

tree on hillMichigan Ecovillage is planned as a rural, multi-generational educational intentional community, economically anchored by an interconnected network of Worker, Consumer and Housing Cooperatives serving a Senior Continuing Care Community (including Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Care); and vertically-integrated ‘farm to table’ organic food production and processing. The Caregivers’ and the food production service workers’ young families with children will co-locate in housing intermingled with Seniors, and share community facilities. A Co-Housing Community for young professional families, as well as, small group homes for autistic or developmentally disabled adults will also be co-located. All community members will share the community facilities of commercial kitchen/cafeteria, child care, exercise facilities, and community gathering center.

EcoKarlCome learn how intentional communities can demonstrate long-term sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaption, and economic viability of urban and rural villages of 150 to 300 people. Presented by Karl Kaufman, Executive Director of Michigan Ecovillage (501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation application in process). For more information on MI Ecovillage, visit www.MIEcovillage.org or contact Karl at karl@miecovillage.org or 810-241-5240.

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