December event – Intro to Leather Working, and Milkweeds & Monarch.

Friday, December 11th 6 – 8:30 pm

@ Northside Community Center, 809 Taylor St, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Free, but donations greatly appreciated to help us cover our costs!

6:00 POTLUCK ~ Bring a dish to pass & washable plate/cup/fork

7:00 SKILLSHARES ~ Choose between:

Milkweeds and Monarchsmilkweedpod

Amanda Klain, of the Native Plant Nursery, will teach how to grow milkweed and help the monarch butterflies that depend on them. She’ll introduce the native milkweeds that occur in SE Michigan, and demonstrate how to collect, clean and treat the different species’ seeds to facilitate their growth. There should be enough milkweed for everyone to take home. Feel free to bring your own if you have gathered any pods. Also covered will be how to raise monarch larvae indoors. (Pre-registering at is not required but allows us to bring enough supplies, and to reach you in case of instructor illness.)   *MILKWEED SEEDS MAKE GREAT HOLIDAY GIFTS!


shoeIntroduction to Leather Working and Shoe Repair

Robert Hay will share knowledge gained in his work in shoe manufacture and repair. By deconstructing a pair of welted men’s shoes, he will show the assembly of the various parts. He will also teach the basics of working with leather. Participants will try their hand at carving and stamping their own leather bracelets to take home. There is a materials fee of $5. Class size is limited to 8 participants. Pre-register at

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Photos from November skillshare

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November 21, 2015 · 2:41 pm

Nov 2015 Potluck & Skill-Share – Knitting & Weaving

Saturday, Nov. 14th, 6–8:30 pm
@ Northside Community Center, 809 Taylor St, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Free, but donations greatly appreciated to help us cover our costs!

This month’s meetup will be Spanish-friendly! Activities will be taught in both Spanish and English, depending on the needs of the participants.

~ 6:00 PM POTLUCK ~
Bring a dish to pass & washable plate/cup/fork

~ 7:00 PM Skill-shares ~

Choose between:

Knitting with Pilar

knittingPilar Herrera-Fierro will teach knitting the way she learned in her native Chile.
Bring knitting needles and yarn if you have them. If not, let us know at
so we will have some available for you to borrow.


Weaving with Kayla

weavingKayla Powers will bring her standing loom and introduce the weaving process from start to finish.
These skill-shares are meant for both men and women,
beginners and advanced—all are welcomed!

Please preregister at
(Preregistration not required but is helpful as it allows us to reach you
in the event of instructor illness.)

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The biochar demonstration was great!

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November 2, 2015 · 12:14 am

October 2015 SkillShare – Biochar Demonstration

Saturday, October 24  1 – 5 pm  @ Robin Hills Farm, Vegetable Barn

20390 Stockbridge Chelsea Rd., Chelsea, MI 48118


pit pyrolysis TLUD

Join Karl Kaufman and Sheldon Smith for side-by-side TLUD/Pit Kiln Biochar production demonstrations in Chelsea, MI. Ann Arbor Reskilling is teaming up the with the instructors and Robin Hills Farm for the first workshop of their “Biggest Pumpkin Contest” Series featuring organic methods for “beefing up” your produce!

Biochar is charcoal from biomass, which sequesters carbon from the atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years. We will utilize both a Top-Lit Up-Draft (TLUD) pyrolysis unit and the Hawaiian Luau pit pyrolysis technique popularized by Josiah Hunt. Local wood and biomass will be converted to char, and participants will take a bag of biochar home to experiment with. Techniques to “charge” the biochar with nutrients will also be discussed.

Biochar is part of a sustainable solution to climate change, by sequestering carbon and preventing its return to the atmosphere as greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Biochar has also been documented to improve soil fertility by increasing resident soil carbon with resultant improved microbiological populations. This further amplifies carbon sequestration, as well as improving moisture and nutrient retention. The productive deep prairie soils of the Midwest, and the Terra Preta soils in the Amazon are a result of char.

***All participants can take samples and handouts home, and will participate in feeding the pit kiln.

Please register at, or by emailing

Free, but donations greatly appreciated to help us cover our costs!

For more information on what is included in the workshop, please visit or one of the sites below.

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September Community Events

Sunday, September 27th
We will be involved with two community events this day. Join us for one or both!

1-2:30 pm:
Going Out Green: Environmental Impacts of End of Life Choices with Barbara Lucas,green from A2Reskilling and the Ann Arbor Green Burial Network. Hosted by the Friends Meeting House at 1420 Hill St, Ann Arbor, 48104.


easy12:30-5:30 pm:
Sustainable Living Expo: The Ann Arbor District Library is sponsoring an “It’s Easy Being Green” Day on the grounds next to the downtown library, at 343 S. 5th Ave. The expo will have vendors selling their handmade, upcycled and earth-friendly wares, as well as, vendors at informational tables, a keynote speaker and 11 break-out sessions featuring speakers and how-to workshops covering topics such as canning, bee keeping, rain gardens, making seed bombs, and more. More information at

Other Community Events you might be interested in!


We are proud to be supporting an upcoming summit, “Our Climate Change Legacy-Finding Hope, Taking Action Together,” taking place Saturday, Sept. 26 in Ann Arbor (Friday event was cancelled).

If you’re over 50 and alarmed about the impacts of climate change on future generations, come learn what you can do to make a difference! This event engages participants in launching an ongoing community of wise, loving and fierce elder activists who become a powerful voice and force for turning the tide on climate change in local SE Michigan communities. Please register by 9/11 to get early bird pricing at and join us in finding hope and taking action together!

Just for a little additional clarity, the event is specifically designed for those with over 5 decades of life experience :-), and anyone is welcome with that understanding.

For more information, registration, and tickets, please visit Also more information at

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August 29th Potluck & SkillShare

Join us for 2 great skillshares on Saturday, August 29th, from 5–8:30 pm, @ Northside Community Center, 809 Taylor St, Ann Arbor, MI 48105.  There will be live music and dance following the skillshares!

This month’s Reskilling meetup takes place during the
weekend-long River Hop event – Aug. 29-30 –
see for a complete schedule, including additional skill-shares!

Choose between:

Designing the Ecology of your Yard

perma2Permaculturist Billy Kirst will share how his family has turned their yard into a virtual “food factory,” utilizing principles of natural systems that allow efficient use of resources, without chemical inputs.  Meet at the Northside Community Center for an intro to the methods used, and then tour his amazing garden nearby.


“Cool and Green” Bike Ideas

bike2Bring your folding bikes, electric bikes, cargo carriers, bad weather gear, etc.—anything you’ve rigged up or purchased to make you bike more useful for getting you and your stuff where you need to go!   Show what you’ve got and/or just ask questions—we’ll learn together on the road to more sustainable transport.  Meet on the grounds outside the Northside Community Center.

~ 6:30 PM POTLUCK ~
Bring a dish to pass & washable plate/cup/fork

~ 6-8:00 PM LIVE MUSIC:  “The Switchbacks”! ~

****Are you into the “sharing economy” (teaching and learning, lending and borrowing, reusing and fixing)? If so, a group of UM grad students want to hear from you!  Share your thoughts in this 10 min SURVEY.

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